So Easy an 8 Year Old Can Do it!!

You’ve probably heard it online a million times.

So easy an [insert age here] can do it.

But this time it’s the real deal. Mary and Dean Black have developed a system for recruiting…so easy…that their 8 year old DOES actually do it.

This of course gives you NO excuses any longer…

Because on Wednesday Oct 24th …on the MLSP Weekly Webinar… this happy MLM couple are going to show you exactly what it is that they do… that’s so effective and easy.

These two know their stuff. But the best part is that they LOVE to teach others what they know!

So what will they teach YOU on Wednesday Oct 24th about recruiting?

Well the simple version is that they’re going to show you how to be a recruiting MACHINE…

But more specifically

* The techniques, tactics, and importance of keeping recruiting excruciatingly simple (again, their 8-year-old IS doing this)

* How the way YOU think about prospecting dramatically affects your ability to get on the phone, and directly affects the outcome of your conversations (this will change your recruiting FOREVER!)

* The key to asking non-threatening questions (this will steer to the answers you’re looking for.)…

* Why the people you “just know will sign up” usually DON’T (and more importantly why the ones you never in a million years think will sign up DO)…

* Why your friends and family may not be the first people you want to talk to… and who to talk to first instead (Dean and Mary Black tell it like it is!)

* A simple script that can be adapted to ANY business or opportunity (this script will be the “game changer” in your business)…

* The secret pool of an ENDLESS SUPPLY of people to talk to – FAST. (Combine with the script, just watch your business and income SOAR!)

* And much, much (much) MORE!

This Webinar is happening on Wednesday Oct 24th!

Don’t Miss It!!

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