Service Oriented MLM Sponsoring

100_2230Yesterday we were up early 4:30am to travel several hours so we could volunteer for the American Lung Association and man the largest rest stop for the Levi Liepheimer Grand Fondo which is a 100 mile bicycle race through the cost range of Northern California and so what on earth can that have to do with MLM sponsoring? Everything. It’s just part of some of the volunteer work that we do for fun and that’s what brought us to the hills of Occidental CA. this early morning.

All day long hot, thirsty, hungry, and sometimes exhausted bicycle riders pour in and pour out of the rest stop on their quest to conquer the Kings Range and finish one of the three distance routes of the race. 7500 riders in all compete, some for bragging rights, some for notable finishes, and some just to finish at all.

All are thankful to find such a well-run and stocked rest stop with food beverages, a mechanic, toilets and smiling helpful volunteers ready to serve and assist. Smiling faces and gratitude are the norm and although it is a long day of work that starts early and ends late it is also rewarding in a way that no other work is. Service is great and it nurtures the soul. It feeds the giver and the receiver.

As the race is proceeding and we are all scurrying to keep provisions stocked for this mammoth population of extreme athletes, a rider as 100_2031customary comes to the food table and thanks us for all our hard work. The gentleman volunteer to my right responds casually it’s you who are doing the hard work here my friend and after all it wouldn’t be a party if you didn’t show up. The rider gratefully responds to him “Man if my work was like this I would love going every day, this isn’t work this is pure pleasure.”

And I’ve been thinking to myself ever since I heard him say that “what if you could?” What if I could show you a way to have more time, more money, and more freedom in your life, so you could do what you really love and want to do with your time like race bicycles and embrace your passion? And then what if you could talk to other cyclists just like yourself and share the opportunity with them so that they could do the same thing, live their dreams, and pursue their passion? I mean how awesome would that be?

100_2034That’s part of why network marketing is so powerful and such a pleasure to be involved with, it’s because we get to do exactly those type of things. We get to engage in service oriented MLM sponsoring. We are problem solvers not salesmen. We find a need and offer a solution. We offer something that meets or fulfills a desire, a problem, a longing, or a dream.  We promote a solution to an emotional dilemma. We are the friends and helpers of those we meet not someone trying to sell another bottle of snake oil to people we don’t care about.

We are in the business of dreams and building dreams because we know we have found a vehicle that can take that bicycle rider to the life he would rather lead than the one he postpones because of where he is at in life. I know that man could have the life and the business of his dreams if he really wanted it, and that he could be living it from the seat of his bicycle if someone had listened and noticed long enough to see the opportunity this man was ripe for, and cared enough to then present it to him. That’s truly service oriented MLM sponsoring.

I’ve been thinking of that bicycle rider since yesterday and all day today and the powerful example of what sponsorship and prospecting should always be – Service Oriented. Find a need that we can fulfill for someone else and offer the opportunity. Don’t chase, hound, and pester people trying to make a sale. Nobody likes pushy sales people. Find a person, find a need, find your heart and offer them a solution. A solution that fixes a problem, fulfills a dream, or feeds a passion is our real product.

I just wanted to share a fantastic Training Bonus with you that I think will rev you up about your life and what is going on with the economy and our economic futures. You really should check this out right now as a part of my service oriented MLM sponsoring for the day.


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