SEO Strategies and Ultra-Mind-Control Recruiting Jedi Mind Tricks

SEO Strategies and Ultra-Mind-Control Recruiting Jedi Mind Tricks


Okay, still no Facebook training today instead the day was spent building a birdhouse project with my step daughter Emily for her school.

That was some great fun. It was nice to be behind the saw again smelling the fresh cut wood, laying things out, planning, and getting to share the experience of it all with her.

Then there were other parts of the day today, including troubles at the DMV which was terribly boring, frustrating, and mundane all at the same time, and then a visit with my mother that was long overdue, rewarding, and pleasant that put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart.

That was my day today really… oh that and some more organizing on this blog site of course.

If you haven’t been to the new tabs at the top of the page you really should check them out. They are meant as resource hubs for you to use.

Pick your page topic, buckle up, and go to the page. Prepare to be blown away….

When you are there you will find a ton of information about that particular subject, links to resources, videos, trainings, offers, etc. all geared around the specific page topic. You are in the center of the hub so to speak, and all good things radiate outward from there.

Eventually I hope to have all the relevant articles linking together on the site as well as creating super easy access to the next article you might want right at your fingertips.

I’m trying to do a better job of this each night that I post so there isn’t so much work later on as I try to organize and link it all after the fact.
Believe me reorganizing a blog after there are 100 plus posts already in place is a real chore. It’s something you only take a bite at a time if you’re like me.

So take that as a bit of coaching advice and something to start thinking of as you are building your blogs article base.

Concentrate on layout ahead of time and start structuring things in a user friendly optimized way from the beginning if you can. It will save you hours of mundane effort later if you do.

Also be sure to go to the SEO Online tab and learn some basics of SEO that will help you get your site set up the right way from the start.

Oh sure some of the things on that SEO Page are no longer entirely correct since the latest barrage of Google updates and changes, but it is still an awesome resource for getting started and moving forward web optimizing your site and content for maximum search engine rewards.

Start there first to get a good foundation built before you go looking for the latest and greatest SEO info online.

That’s kind of my update for the day to day. No super saturated oozing with value training or Super Uber Guru Secrets for today, just the ramblings of…well… Me.

We’ll have to save all the black box uber covert training, over caffeinated mad scientist super SEO strategies, and ultra-mind-control recruiting Jedi mind tricks for yet another day.

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