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If you are brand new to Network Marketing and online SEO training it can seem pretty overwhelming at first. The terminology and technology can seem daunting at first glance. It’s part of the reason why many network marketers shy away from teaching their new distributors internet marketing strategies. This is especially true when it comes to online SEO training strategy which is needed the most to succeed.  Many marketers will tell you that you can’t create rapid viral duplication with internet strategies. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I agree with them but only to some degree. I’m right on board with the leaders that claim it takes 6 months to a year to really learn and synthesize all this online marketing and online SEO training stuff. But here’s the deal… if more leaders would take the time to apply systems and strategies to the problem (in other words apply leverage) we can have people up and running and duplicating success at a much quicker rate. And we can have them taking full advantatge of the power and leverage online SEO training strategies bring to the game.

online seo trainingLet’s face it the internet is the future, it is the now, and it is extremely powerful. You’d better learn it and get up to speed with some online SEO training or get left in the dust…
So let’s try and break things down and make them simple. Let’s create online SEO training that takes people by the hand and shows them exactly what they need to know and what they need to do to succeed. The rest is all fluff anyway if it doesn’t produce results!

This resource page deals with Online SEO training and some of the articles and resources that pertain to SEO. You can read these articles, adopt these systems, and apply this knowledge to create online marketing success with your business. There is a wealth of information here for you to glean.

Or you have the choice to go deeper, to join our team and our inner circle and get the hand holding, workshop, this is how you do it type online SEO training and systems that have built one of the most renowned teams in all of Network Marketing in record setting time.

Only you can decide what is right for you and your team’s success in this lucrative industry.


 Online SEO Training Basics


There are lots of ways to generate traffic on the internet there is no doubt, but the method that will bring you the greatest amount of traffic and long term results is your search engine rankings. You have to maximize your exposure by boosting your search engine rankings and dominate you niche if you want to seriously kill it online. That is the basis for online SEO training. Learning and applying the strategies necessary to rank highly in the search engines and command a lasting presence.

Now that we have a very basic understanding of online SEO training let’s dig a little deeper and begin to build a working knowledge of this topic.


A Working Knowledge of Online SEO Training Strategy


Now that we have talked about the algorithm Google uses to rank its “organic” search results it’s important to note that everything changed in the online SEO training world May 2011 with the Google Panda updates (now we have the Penguin update as well). This changed the entire fabric of online SEO training best practices forever. And though we are not going to get into a history lesson on search engines and algorithms, we are going to get you up to date on SEO in a post Panda/ Penguin world.

So at the risk of overwhelming some of you as we dive into online SEO training for the first time, I think it is imperative that everyone has an idea of what SEO looks like today as we build and gain competence on the subject. These changes are still so new that often times it is easy to stumble upon old advice still circulating out there that no longer is really applicable in the post Panda/Penguin search world. Let’s get everyone understanding the Panda updates so no one falls into one of those outdated content traps out there.


The Panda Update


Now you know the world of online SEO training from a post Panda perspective. Now you have a basic understanding of the new Google game and how it works so let’s take a look at what it takes to build a presence online and begin to rank in the search engines. Here is a checklist for new websites looking to rank online, but it is also a great checklist to evaluate your current site against to make sure you have all the basics covered.

Simple SEO Checklist for New Websites


So now you have an really solid new website checklist to get started with or to check yourself against to make sure you are on track for the best results at a conservative level. There isn’t really anything you can go wrong with here, it is a good solid true blue list. But you will quickly see differences in strategy and philosophy when it comes to online SEO Training Wizardry as we train further together.
Some of the differences you find out there with online SEO training have to do with philosophy, and some of the differences you will find have to do with the Google Panda/Penguin updates that we’ve mentioned. Be sure to check how current the information you get on these subjects is as things that worked pre-panda/penguin don’t necessarily work the same way today. Don’t be alarmed at first you may simply be looking at old information that is no longer relevant to the online SEO training world.

One thing that remains the same however, is we can break online SEO training down into two main areas of primary interest.
• On Page SEO and…
• Off Page SEO.
Both are the topic of this next video…

On Page SEO vs Off Page SEO


You’re getting a pretty good understanding now of where you are going to need to focus your energy. There is only so much on page SEO that you can do and there is a ton of off page that you can do some of which will get you sandbagged by Google in a hurry if you are trying to over rev the throttle on things.
So let’s take a deeper look at on page SEO with particular emphasis on WordPress Blogs. If you don’t have a WordPress Blog you need one. Go get one they are easy to set up. In fact if you are intimidated by the idea and would like to be walked through the whole set up process then opt in to The 8 Day MLM Business and Traffic Building Seminar using the webform on this page. It’s a free bonus for users of this website and it will walk you through the whole process.


Optimizing Your On Page SEO for WordPress


Now that you have it figured out how you need to structure your content on your page and what you need to do with your keyword in your content. Let’s decide what those keywords are going to be to get you noticed online and bringing in the targeted traffic you need to build your business.

In fact let’s examine the market and learn to define the “Niche” you intend to dominate with your website and content first and then we will move on to the exact keywords you’ll be using. In fact keyword research is one of the most important aspects of your online business building. You can throw all the online SEO training out there at your site but if you choose the wrong keyword strategy you will still suffer for it.


Niche Marketing Choosing Your Niche


Now that you understand better the essence of Niche Marketing let’s go now to the next segment and learn about keywords and the keyword reserch we need to do before we even start generating our on page content.

How to do Keyword Research


Lets take a good look at the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool recommended in the last video and see how it can be used to perform the research need to find all the right keywords we need to title our content, our pages, and dominate in our chosen niche. The Google keyword suggestion tool is a great free tool for you to use but it is the bare minimum you should do as far as keyword research. Good online SEO training suggests if you are serious you’ll want to go much deeper and dominate.

Basic Google Keyword Tool Training


Now that you are more than adequately trained to perform keyword research with Google’s tool, optimize your WordPress Blog, and jump through all the necessary hoops to start you website off SEO Optimized with a bang, lets address the topic of content and some of the things you need to keep in mind when it comes to content creation.


Content Creation and Blog Marketing


That’s some pretty clear cut information that I’m not sure you can go wrong with. It really isn’t too difficult at all when you have someone just break it down simple and tell it to you like it is. That is some pretty clear cut information, and great online SEO training on what you need to know about content creation for your website.

Next let’s talk about a topic that really is going to deal with both on site SEO and Off site SEO. That topic is the myserious often tossed about term called “Link Juice.” What the hell is link juice? Everyone throws the term arroung it seem but how many of them really understand what it is they are talking about. When you get through with the next video not only will you understand what Link Juice is but you will also have an understanding how to manage it for both onsite and off site SEO. Let’s continue now with the link juice portion of our online SEO training together…


What is Link Juice?


Link juice plays a role in both onsite and offsite SEO as you will soon learn. Which brings us to our next subject which is the topic of off page SEO. As we have already mentioned there is only so much you can do with on page or on site SEO. But it gets really exciting when we come to talk about off page SEO and what works best. It is also the realm where you find the greatest diversity in online SEO training opinion and philosophy about what works best. So before further ado let us take a look again at off page Seo and what it may entail.


What is Off Page SEO


So as you can see from our video example off page SEO is essential about link building and the quality and quantity of those links. Yes there are good linking strategies and bad linking strategies. Competition is one of the large and determining factors in determining who ranks best when it comes to links. As you will learn it is not always he who has the most links that wins. Those links must be relevant and quality links to have the impact you need the most to out rank your competition.

Lets take a deeper look at off page SEO and the Topic of Link Building.


ALL About Link Strategies

At the conclusion of our last guest speaker’s video segment he talked about the need to SEO analyze not only your own website but the websites of you’re competition particularly for the niche search terms you wish to compete for and dominate. In fact he talked about the need for keyword analyses and competition analyses as part of a comprehensive strategy to succeed online. And then of course he goes on to sell his online SEO training services.

I’m going to show you how to build all the back links you need and how to create them yourself. I’m also going to show you a tool you can use over and over again to evaluate your competition for keywords, take a look at your competitors linking strategy, and evaluate whether you have the resources to dominate before you even bother creating content or trying to rank for a specific keyword or phrase. Does that sound awesome to you?

I mean doesn’t it make sense to know whether it is even worth the effort, or how much effort it is going to take to dominate for a keyword or phrase before you even get started. It takes the guess work out of SEO and frees up more of your time to be productive and focus on the things in life you desire most. That’s leverage my friends. That’s quality online SEO training.

Let’s take a longer and deeper look into link building for a more thorough  and dedicated approach. Let’s look at more than an hour of webinar footage that illuminates this whole linking subject.


Link Build 101


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So there it is you now have a really solid understanding of SEO and you can hold your weight in Search Engine Land. You’ll also be prepared to view, evaluate, and decide for yourself which advanced strategies out there are right for you and whether or not you will choose to employ them to manipulate the results you get online.


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