How to Use the Power of Hashtags in Your Social Media Marketing (Amplified!)

This post is all about the power of using Hashtags in your Social Media Marketing. Did you know that one lonely hashtag (the right hashtag) can increase engagement by 100%!


Today’s post is about finding the right Hashtags and how to best use them.

a)                  Who this post is for…


Anyone who want to increase their Social Media Marketing Effectiveness.

 b)                 What you liked about this post, what was great…

It was a quick check list tip type post with simple usable information.


c)                  What you disagree with, didn’t like…

So I posted this content on Twitter with a link to Jeff Bullas blog

…and it got some good responses, but I felt it was a little thin for what some people would be seeking.


I wanted more Hashtag Meat and Potatoes.


I wanted a full meal of #hashtag knowledge, tips, and desert.

Maybe some others felt the same way I was thinking.

Don’t get me wrong, it was simple, quick, usable and to the point, I just wanted more.

So I put together this post today with a link to Jeff’s article and some deeper study on the subject that should have you feeling full and satiated when you are done.


d)                 How to apply this information…


If you are not using Hashtags in your social media marketing… WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

 Did your brain go to sleep behind the keyboard, or are you just a little intimidated because you don’t understand how hashtags work, the best ones to pick for your business, and the proper etiquette for using them?

After you’re done with today’s article and resource list this will no longer be a problem for you and you can begin to see vast improvement in your social media marketing impact.

You can Increase Engagement by 100%!


e)                  Additional tips, training, resources, about this.

When you get done with Jeff’s Article check out these other Awesome Resources and get busy increasing your Social Marketing Engagement Today!

3 Musts for Choosing & Using the Right Hashtags:

 Quick Start Guide to Hashtags:

How to Use Hashtag Analytics:

 The top 10 hashtags related to…

Leveraging hashtags as a tool to drive your social media engagement is just one small piece of a greater internet marketing strategy that you should be employing to build your business online in the New Marketing Renaissance.


To learn more…

  •  To take it to the next level…
  •  To make your Dreams a Reality, and your Reality a Masterpiece, you need training, you need data, you need the kind of intel, info, and tools that can change everything for you.
  •  If you’d like to see what that looks like…

 Click Here Now…Opt in… And see the Video that turned the Internet Marketing World Upside Down!

-Dave Schlueter

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