Posture: If You Don’t Have it… You’re Not Goin to be MLM Recruiting


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Don’t ever just hope to succeed when you are engaged in MLM Recruiting activities.

Don’t ever hope to sign somebody up. You’re in the wrong mental state if you’re coming from position, of need, hope, want or lack. Hoping someone will join you screams lack to a prospects ears.

More than that, if someone is a lousy prospect forget them. You don’t need them. Don’t hope to change them!

As a successful network marketer it is your job to evaluate who is worthy of your time, effort, training, and knowledge and who isn’t. Just forget the people who say “well we’ll see”, or that want to join when “you are successful”, or that want you to do the work for them and grant them some sort of guarantee that you can make them a success.


Posturing is about making a critical analysis of your time, how you choose to spend it, and with whom. Who do you want to spend your time in this business partnering with, building up, leading, mentoring, and creating success with?

When you have posture and you are MLM Recruiting there’s no need for hype, hope, high pressured sales, convincing people, etc.

You don’t guarantee peoples success… that’s up to them and whether they are willing to work for it, whether they will follow the instructions, the system, and the plan. You can’t decide for them whether they will be successful or not any more than you can give them some kind of guarantee on their behavior.

It’s possible to guide and mentor others but they have to be the ones who will do the work, put in the time and effort, and grow.

It’s your job to interview and find those people that you think will follow through and become excellent business partners for you now and in the future. That’s the position and posture you need to come from.

It’s not your job to prove the opportunity is right for them, it’s their job to prove to you that they are right for the opportunity. It’s their job to prove to you they are worthy of your time.

People have to take personal responsibility for their own success. People need to be accountable.

  • How hard are they willing to work…
  • Are they willing to get out of their comfort zones…
  • How big is their dream…
  • How clearly defined is their compelling reason why?

You are interviewing them for a position in your multi-million dollar business. This isn’t for everyone, and you don’t want those who don’t qualify.

You are interviewing for potential partners in abundance and success, you’re not running a charity for degenerates.

I’m not here to serve degenerates, what I am doing is reviewing applicants for a position in my multi-million dollar success team and sales organization. I am not hoping you join… I am interviewing candidates looking for the right people.

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