New Rules of Money Lessons 1 & 2

Hey there everybody welcome to the new rules of money

Welcome to today’s training…

You are about to develop skills and abilities
that sadly 95% of the rest of society either
has no idea even exists yet or they have failed
to acquire as a result of ignorance, arrogance,
or outright lazieness.

Lets dig in to the new rules of money

*** The MAIN Reasons Most People FAIL ***


Most people worry about finances and believe that finances alone is the solution to their problems. If they only had more money all would be bliss…

But is that really true?

Unfortunately more money usually only brings most people greater money problems. Sad but true..

If money really was the solution then wouldn’t all lottery winners be better off in 7 years then before they hit the jackpot? Then why is this statistically not the case? It’s because they do not understand the new rules of money

Wouldn’t recipients of great inheritances always end up better off? Then why is this also not the case?

So what is the problem with money then? There isn’t really… It’s more a problem with peoples financial intelligence and success programing that becomes the problems in people’s lives.

So today we are going to begin to tackle some of the issues about financial intelligence and I am going to introduce you to one of my mentors on this subject and let him give you a couple of lessons, the first of many on the subject of financial intelligence. A little later we’ll get to systems and trainings on business and success but for today we are going to address financial intelligence and get people up to speed on this subject so we can get to deeper training later on in this series…

So go and check out todays training about money and find out why what people have been telling you most of your life is all horse crap. Find out what the new rules of money are and how the rich use them to get richer and how you’d better adapt them too if you’re going to have any shot at all of attaining financial successs and freedom in your life…

Check out today’s video’s right now…

 New Rules of Money Lesson 1 



New Rules of Money Lesson 2


To Your Success and Abundance,

Dave Schlueter

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