Killer Proven Free MLM Facebook Marketing Tips

Killer Proven Free MLM Facebook Marketing Tips

We’re going to talk about some free MLM Facebook marketing for our MLM businesses today. In fact this will no doubt require more than just today alone and I am sure will become a multi-day series as I endeavor to bring you some killer free Facebook training.


What Everyone Wants to know about Facebook Marketing


Everyone wants to know how to take advantage of the Facebook Phenomenon and to convert hundreds or even thousands of Facebook friends and fans into loyal customers without sounding like you’re pitching, being spammy, and obnoxious?


Even more specifically people who are brand new want to know how do you find and tap into the niche you are looking for out of the 845 million (projected to be a Billion before the year is done) people on Facebook? Right?


And how many people must you reasonably speak with from that niche every day on Facebook to realize some success in your MLM business? 5-10 every day to make a difference in your business should be considered the minimum depending on whether you are full time or part time.


So now that you know these figures…How do you start to get it done. How do you lay the foundation that you will begin to build upon to be successful with your Facebook marketing? How do you get people chasing you and asking you instead of the other way around? You want your prospects to chase you right?


Beginning to brand yourself within the Facebook community is the fundamental starting place. To do that you’ll need a Facebook fan page, you’ll need to know how to build it right, and you’ll want to begin to build a community there.


The ideal to aim for is a community party atmosphere where people are interacting, commenting, communicating, contributing, getting social, and receiving a ton of great value.


If you do this right and create an atmosphere where it isn’t pitchy, where it is fun, filled with value, social interaction, and you are not pushing your business on people. You begin to create attraction and create a natural gravity that people become attracted to and want to be a part of, hang out with, and eventually work with.


Basically I am talking about the fundamentals of attraction marketing here woven into your marketing on facebook. Doesn’t everyone want to be a part of the cool party, hanging with the cool cats that are dripping with real value and status? You bet they do. You’ll want to radiate posture and leadership that people are attracted to and want to be around, a part of, and want to work with. That’s the magic theory of it…


Now that you have a rough idea of what to shoot for with your Facebook marketing fan page, presence, posture, etc. let’s dig a little deeper and define your target audience.


Who is your primary audience going to be for your Facebook Marketing business? Are you looking to only market your primary business or are you coming at things with a funded proposal deal, and affiliate offering, your own products, etc.


What are your perfect prospects like? Who can you relate with the most using or taking advantage of your offers, your products, the information you offer? What’s your personal story like and who can relate to you and that story? Who do you relate with and who will relate to your values, ideals, experiences, etc.


You always stand a better chance of relating with those, and creating a connection with those who will understand and naturally gravitate to your story and experience. That doesn’t mean other people are out of the question, it just means that we are targeting and doing our very best especially at the start to gain every advantage and every benefit possible.


So if you haven’t done so already in your Facebook marketing career, take the time now to define these parameters by doing a little brainstorming and a little research, and then I’ll see you in the next segment and we’ll take things from there.


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