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Internet MLM is the new frontier.

Back in 2002 when I first began as an internet marketer things were so much more difficult than they are today. Remember the bust? When everyone said “oh yeah that internet stuff is done.” “What a bunch of idiots who got involved in that scam.”

And yet I was saying to others during this same time “no you guys don’t get it… this stuff is going to be huge.” “This is the future of commerce and MLM.”

internet mlm
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My upline shook their heads and told me “it’s already been tried and it doesn’t work.” “Just follow the plan Dave and you’ll be fine. Forget about that internet MLM stuff”

Call me a maverick but I didn’t listen then and I’m not listening now.

This next video is outdated but when you watch it you’ll get what I’m saying. It’s funny to see the “radical” numbers they were quoting in this video back then because we have blown those figures so far completely out of the water today that it’s laughable. And they told me I was wrong about internet MLM… Geez!



It’s kind of absurd today when you see the figures quoted isn’t it? Dot.bomb my ass! The internet doesn’t look dead to me at all! Do you see e-commerce growing or is it dying? The answer is pretty obvious to anyone not stranded on a desert island.

internet mlm

But think about it…this was cutting edge outside of the box kind of ideas and thinking when this video was made. Which really brings me to the point that I’m trying to make about ideas and internet MLM marketing. If you want to take advantage of the future, if you want to catch that wave when do you need to start paddling? When the wave is already here? Or do you need to start paddling before it arrives?

Really what we are talking about here is ideas, innovation, forward thinking, and freeing yourself to live, see, and think outside the box. That’s what internet MLM marketing is about.

Let’s listen to Seth Godin talk a little about ideas, how they spread, and how to use these ideas to market.



So what about this Internet MLM Marketing then…


So listen to Seth. Let’s do something remarkable, let’s do something risky, don’t play it safe, you have to be different and unique if you want to make a big splash or no one will know you even jumped in.

I saw another video online that is a little outdated also but it follows right along with the outline I wanted to employ for this resource page. Let’s have a look at this video now for a quick synopsis of the things we’ll be building and talking about when it comes to Internet MLM Marketing.




In fact I really like the layout used in this video so much that I am going to semi-adopt it for the layout of this internet mlm page.


The 13 Key ingredients of a Sound Internet MLM Strategy


Ingredient #1 Sound Internet MLM Website Design:

Ingredient #2 Internet MLM Keyword Research:

Ingredient #3 Internet MLM Blogging and Blog Technology:

  • Blogging Platforms
  • Blog Pinging
  • Blog Tools
  • RSS Feeds

Ingredient #4 Internet MLM Auto-responders and List Marketing:

Ingredient #5 Internet MLM Paid Advertising Methods:

Ingredient #6 Press Releases:

Ingredient #7 Internet MLM Link Building Strategies:

  • Blog Networks
  • Web 2.0 Sites
  • Tools

ingredient #8 Article Submissions:

  • Article Directories
  • Article Marketing Strategies
  • Article Spinning
  • Article Marketing Tools
  • Consistency
  • Article Marketing Webinar


#9 Forum Participation:

  • Target Market Forums
  • Target Market and Industry Specific Blogs
  • Targer Market Online Groups

Ingredient #10 Internet MLM Viral Marketing:

Ingredient #11 Web-Statistics and Visitor Analysis:

  • Where are your visitors coming from
  • How long do they stay
  • What are your viewers viewing
  • How deep are they going into your site
  • Tools

Ingredient #12 Internet MLM Content:

  •  Content is King but only if it is QUALITY CONTENT!
  • Consistency how often is best?
  • Relevancy
  • Tips for generating Target Rich Content

Ingredient #13 Identifying New Trends and Technology:


Internet MLM Resource List:



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