You are the Most Important Business Factor in your MLM Success


Everyone worth their salt in this industry comes to realize that this is an industry of personal growth and development. Few people of the many that join Network Marketing come into the business with the skill sets necessary to achieve maximum success. Instead the skills have to be developed, and the mindset for success has to grow.


Indeed we are in a business of success and we are challenging many people to attain a level of thought, belief, and performance that many never before have achieved in life. To do that we have to help people to break out of the stereotypical mental perceptions they have of themselves, their lives, what’s possible for them, and even what they deserve.


People are individuals and so individually we all have different challenges that we have to face to learn to become major achievers in this industry and in life. Some of us have notions of ourselves that are very difficult to work with and others it’s easier for them. Like I said it is a very individual thing and what’s true for one person may not be true for everyone else.


It’s one of the fundamental reasons you must have an excellent personal success system that is integrated into your training for your team. It has to be full spectrum. Without it many will perish and others will never achieve the full dream potential they came into the industry with.


Many people say that it is just an unavoidable symptom of the industry and not much can be done about it. I tend to disagree. And I’ll tell you why. Success Training is a critical component of MLM Success without it people fail.


Look there are tons of different ways to make money in this industry. Opportunity is ripe…The best of the best are fully refined systems and tools integrated into a whole that isn’t hard to set up, put into play, or to succeed with. They take advantage of technology, automation, leverage, and of course for it to become a major success it has to duplicate.


When you have a combination like that with the right company and leadership you are positioned to succeed on a colossal scale.


So why then do people still fail, whine, whimper, moan, and call foul about this industry that is so lucrative and amazingly powerful?


It’s because people fail to grow and they fail to apply the personal system of success necessary to succeed, and as a result they are disappointed and need to point the finger somewhere.


It’s never enough to have the best product, company, tools, and marketing system. There is always another major and often limiting factor in the success equation…


It’s you…


Nothing happens without you… You are your own best product or your greatest liability depending on you, your state of development, belief, mindset, success habits etc. There is no miracle product, business, or button without you and your input. Your business and success can only grow to the extent that you do. It’s just a fact of life.


Believe me if your success grows too big for your comfort zone you will find a way to prevent it or stop it altogether by whatever means necessary.


You are the most critical factor in your business’ success period! More teams, more leaders, and more distributors need to take this advice to heart. You can have the best tool box full of training, tools, information, and super Guru Strategies, but if your tool box has a leak in it, it’s still going to sink. It will take you and your team down with it if you are not prepared.


You plain and simply must have personal success skills and training and you had better make it a priority in your team and in your life. If you don’t believe me then it is time to evaluate your life, your success, and the success record and retention rate in your MLM team.


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