Habits of Imagination vs Your Success

Imagination includes not only what you see, but also how you see it. How you habitually use your imaginative abilities affects everything in your life. This is literally the mental filtering process or focus that you use as you look at the world around you. You use it when you picture life and when you believe things about that which you see. This includes the things that you determine are possible and likely to happen when you look towards the future and into the present. It’s affecting what’s happening right now and what’s likely coming in the future. In this way imagination is literally shaping the world that you experience and the one that you will experience. This is especially true when you picture yourself, and see what you believe you deserve or are capable of achieving in life. Because of this, imagination is intimately tied to your ability to create and maintain success in life. It is a reliable forecaster of the world to come.

What you mentally picture and regularly think about is so important to your success now and in the future. How you use imagination to vision future results has a great impact on those results. This has a far greater influence in shaping the actual outcome of events than most people believe it does.

If you think negative thoughts, then negative outcomes tend to manifest themselves in your life. If you practice this negativity regularly in your thinking then this becomes the destiny that you regularly manifest. Because like tends to attract like, if you behave in a consistently negative fashion, then negativity in all aspects in your life begins to grow and manifest with increasing frequency and volume. What you attract regularly with your imagination habits ends up affecting your destiny.

We also see extremes where people seem to get all the breaks in life. Luck, favor, and chance seem to forever be on their side. We grumble because they are happy and joyful, and seem to expect happiness and joy on a regular basis. They expect to win! These people believe everything will go well and that life will unfold favorably in all circumstances and conditions, thus teaching and benefitting them. They dream dreams and expect to accomplish them. What is most baffling is they realize and manifest the reality that they have imagined in their lives. Their dreams do come true. They do manifest abundance in their lives, and they do regularly accomplish what seems baffling or even impossible to skeptics.

Is this really a great mystery, or rather; is it a principle of creation presenting clear evidence for everyone to see? Are these individuals just so naturally blessed from birth that, over time, they have dropped all negativity and doubt in response to how well life treats them? Have they become believers, expecting divine favor and grace because life treats them so well? Or perhaps did belief, faith and expectation precede material favor and reward?

Ample evidence supports the latter, and proves itself to be true. Belief, expectation, faith, and imagination – when mixed with intent and action– produce favorable benefits, they precede material rewards. Once we apply the right principles, thinking, habits, and beliefs to our dreams and visions, we, too, shall make evident this truth in our lives. Others will bear witness of our positive attitudes and material rewards and wonder how we came to be so blessed. You see there is a process involved here.

Take away these same people’s positive expectations, beliefs, imagination, and attitudes and replace them with an attitude and expectation of lack, negativity, gloom, doom, and despondency. See what becomes of their seeming luck, favor, and grace then. Stand back and witness as the walls come tumbling down.

Imagination is a powerful success tool. Mastered, directed, and applied properly it is a tool of incredible power and favor that serves its master well to design and create the life desired. However if misdirected or allowed to free roam uncontrollably it can be the ultimate demise of life, love, and purpose. It can absolutely crush and destroy all hope of a happy abundant and purposeful life.

Success requires breaking through your barriers. It requires personal growth. Take an oath and make a commitment today to become an Extraordinary Sponsor. MLM is a business of personal development and the person you have to build first is you. You have to work as hard on you as you do on your business.

Soon with the right training and perspective you realize you are your business and your best product is you. When you realize this and do the work on yourself first then you’ll begin to sponsor in large numbers. But to really be successful in the industry your success has to duplicate. You have to be able to train it down in numbers and on autopilot to your team and grow them as well.

Remember… if you don’t master personal development you can have the greatest product/presentation/company in the industry and you will still fail in this business. Personal growth is a key factor in the MLM Success Equation. That’s why we have chosen to structure our business in the way that we have with Personal Success Development being as much a part of the success foundation as marketing is.

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