Finding Your True Voice in Marketing Your Business

Have you found your true voice in your marketing yet?


It’s a critical question for you to measure yourself and your marketing by today.
  •  Are you trying to build an MLM company?finding your voice
  •  Is there team building involved in your business opportunity?
  •  Is leadership an aspect of what it will take for you to create success in your business and your life?


Well then… have you found your true voice when it comes to marketing yourself and your business yet?


Guys there is nothing more inspiring than a person who has found their purpose and is on fire living it. A person who is bold, who has found their voice and who is shouting it from the rooftops.

  •  So where are you at when it comes to this?survey
  •  Do you have a following?
  •  Have people taken notice and are they flocking to you?

Is there something different about you (attractive) that people who have noticed, and that they have gravitated towards?


If not… it might be because you have not found your true voice when it comes to marketing yourself and your business yet.


Most people starting out in this industry of marketing, MLM, home based business etc. are trying to be everything to everybody.

I myself have been guilty of this major mistake. I was trying to be what I thought I needed to be, and what people wanted, rather than just be myself.



First of all you can’t market to everyone! When you try to you end up marketing to no one. It is far better to pick a niche and market to it. Every decent marketer worth their salt will tell you this.

And here’s the deal… There is no one better at being you than you! It’s an untapped niche!


People Join People…

Have you heard it said that in MLM people join people, not your opportunity, not your product, not your pay plan?

(if you want to find out what it really is that makes people join you (it’s not what you think) Click Here Now.)

Have you met the leaders in your organization, or maybe online? Can you tell me a little about their personalities? Can you describe them to me?

Think about it for a minute. What words most describe them?

Do you detect they have found their own voice, their own passion and purpose?



It’s part of what makes them so attractive and different. It’s what makes them stand out!

But if you notice and know several leaders you will see they are not all the same… They are unique and different. Each one is the best at being themselves and they do it enthusiastically and with passion.

People are Attracted by different things…

Not every one of them will be attractive to the following that another leader has. They are unique. Each leader is his own niche so to speak.

So stop trying to be like everyone else and be yourself. Find your voice, your passion, your purpose and what you are best at and market yourself! Your niche is waiting for “You” to show up.

But… But… But…

Oh I know… But you don’t think you have what it takes. Many of you will feel unworthy, like you don’t have anything valuable to share.

That’s Bullshit!

It’s a lie!

Listen if you don’t feel good enough, valuable enough, capable, or like you have something important to share… then you’d better get busy improving yourself!!!

It’s time for some inner work!

Would you be Attracted to You?

Are you being the kind of person you would be attracted to in the industry, the kind of person that you would want to join?

If you aren’t… you probably aren’t getting any sign ups. You’re probably not selling. And my question to you then is it really such a mystery!

You haven’t found your true voice yet.


You Have Tremendous Potential

You may not believe it yet but you have tremendous value, you have something to offer whether you believe it or not. You just need to find it and coach it to come out.

You need to find your purpose, your passion, and your voice and get it to come out.

You need to shout it from the rooftops! The time to manifest your greatest self is now.

Becoming a success in the home based industry, MLM, etc. for most people is an adventure of personal growth and discovery. You are no different.

In fact the more valuable you become and the more value you have to offer, the more marketable you become in the market place.

Think about it…

 What leaders are you attracted to in the industry and why?

 Get clear about this. What is it about them that you gravitate toward and that makes you want to join them?

It’s time for you if you are not generating the results you want to in your Business and in this industry to find your voice, cultivate your value, and learn to package it and market in in a way that is uniquely you.


Get started Click Here now…See the Video that turned the industry upside down Now!

Get busy with your personal growth plan and decide what it is that will make you a more marketable asset in your industry.

Check out some Secrets of the Success Equation here to get you started:The Secrets of the Success Equation
And find your Purpose, Your Calling, Your Compelling Reason Why Here:The Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why


Its time to find your voice, your mission, your purpose, your message and begin to bring that out in your marketing and in who you are online.

When you do, when you begin to convey that in your marketing and in your persona online, the real you will begin to shine through and start to attract the followers, supporters, team mates and customers you have been looking for online.

It’s time to live out loud now. It’s time to take the actions right now you know you need to most to succeed with your online business.

It begins with Finding Your True Voice in Marketing Your Business, then shouting it from the roof tops.


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