How to Double Your Response and Open Rates

Double Your Response and Open Rates by Following, Liking, Sharing & Tweeting Me… Learn how now!


  • Have Your Open Rates Plummeted?

  • Are Your Followers not Clicking on and Following every Link?

  • When you have something Epic to Share are you getting a Less Than Stellar Response Rate?

  • Or maybe you are just starting out and you need to breathe some life into a new list or Reach a Market that you are Ready to Thrive in…


Well Today’s Post is about just that. In fact Today’s Post covers how to do that just by Tweeting, Sharing, Following, Recommending, and Liking Me!


Simple Really…ABC


That’s right… and I know that sounds a little strange so allow me to explain it. If you are not Following, Tweeting, Sharing, Liking, Me you need to be, and here’s why…


If you are out there Internet Marketing your Business and Opportunity, you should realize by now that quality daily content is the key to your success. You must provide valuable content that your market wants and you must do it regularly if not daily to succeed online in today’s information rich, socially interactive, online environment.


I don’t know how productive you are in your content creation strategy. Most people aren’t productive nearly enough and it holds them back tremendously.


Others are productive but it is the wrong kind of content and it is destroying their open rates, trust, and response rates.


And as a matter of fact we’re going to be doing a content generation training segment as a part of our core success strategy coming up very soon, so if you are not on my mailing list already you’ll want to get on it now and be sure you don’t miss this valuable upcoming training that gets all this stuff sorted out.


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I’m not going to get deep into content creation strategies today, but I will let you know you must have one to succeed online if you want to go big in today’s internet marketing world.


In fact you have to provide the valuable solution oriented content you market craves, and you must do it regularly if you want your list to open every email you send out, and respond in numbers to your offerings.


Not only that but you had better be effectively providing it through social media channels as well.


So what does that mean? It means you had better have a great deal of quality tips, info, strategies, entertainment, etc. (content) to captivate your market, feed their content hungry appetites, and train them to open regularly, and respond frequently, to the information you send out.


You’ll need that in today’s market to succeed.


In fact you want to train your market to know that when you offer a post, an article, a video, a share, like, webinar link etc. that it is going to be quality content, and they will want to open it because of the value you offer.


It’s something they won’t want to miss!


You see, you can’t pitch people all the time and give them sales offer after sales offer if you want them to respond regularly and favorably to your communications.


You can’t just spam your list, followers, friends, community, etc. constantly and retain high open rates, respect, or generate high social response rates.


You’ll generate high social ignore rates, spam complaints, and indifference to your marketing if you do.


Can I be frank with you..?


Most people don’t care about you and your offer, how great you are etc. When they are still starting out and struggling to create their own success, they are concerned with what they want.


What they care about is what they want in the form of solutions to their problems. They are interested in who, and what is going to take them to the success they desire in the shortest possible time.


If you want to get their attention and gain your markets allegiance you have to give them what they want. High quality solutions to the problems they experience and a short route to the success they desire. In other words high quality value oriented content, entertainment, training, and resources.


You want to be the go to source for your market, and to do that you must provide content that they value and feel is important if you want to earn their trust.


Nobody is going to want to share you, recommend you, tweet you, and endorse and review you if all you do is plaster your blah… blah… blah… product or biz op marketing all over your blog, social media, sites, web pages, community, etc.


Why would people want to spam their communities, walls, boards, etc. with you if that is the kind of crap you are consistently providing?


  • Do you want to gain the trust of your market?


  • Do you want to be link and share worthy?


  • Do you want to be liked and respected by your community?


  • Do you want higher response rates and interactions with your content?


Then prove your allegiance to your market by being the go to person in your market for solutions, information, resources, training, entertainment, and value based content.


Well how do you do this without a team of knowledgeable experts in your corner providing content, training, and resources every day for your followers?


Well you can’t do it on your own really…


You have to recommend other sources, other blogs, other trainers, other information, etc. And when you do people see you as a source, a person in the know, a connected individual, who will provide them with what they need to succeed.


It makes you Golden!


It also proves you are more concerned with your followers than your own selfish intentions and that builds credibility and trust.


Oh I know… I can already hear the cries from those who don’t as yet possess an abundance mindset. You’re worried you’ll lose your leads and audience to other marketers, opportunities, and leaders out there.


But here’s the deal… you don’t have to recommend your direct competition. I’m not advocating that. I’m suggesting complimentary sources that add to your own training and resources.


I’m suggesting you build allegiance in the community by endorsing and supporting others who have great content. I’m suggesting you be a team player. I’m suggesting you give your followers everything they need to succeed and letting the principle of “reciprocity” work for you in your business to grow it bigger, faster, and stronger.


If you are not familiar with the principle of reciprocity or the work of Dr. Robert Cialdini check him out and read some of his material.


So here’s the suggestion…


It’s simple really.


Friend me on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter, etc.


I share resources every day for Internet Marketers, MLM’ers, Affiliate Marketers, and people who want to make money online.


Then… Like, Retweet, Recommend Posts, Share, etc. to your friends, list, and community some of these resources daily. Then watch your response and open rates increase as you give real and usable value to your friends, viewers, list, and followers.


You are demonstrating your leadership.


If you already know great sources of your own, then use your own sources, that’s fine… but start providing massive unselfish value regularly!


If you don’t have great sources yet then use mine until you find them.


We’ll be doing a series on content generation strategies coming up that will have you looking like a master and getting mass results in an upcoming training coming your way soon so get on the list if you haven’t done so already.


If you want to generate mass results for your marketing online you have to create influence.


In fact you should be enlarging your influence online daily and building responsiveness into your list and followers as a part of your marketing strategy.


Again we’ll be covering this in an up and coming training, but in the meantime, Tweet, Re-Tweet, Share, Like, Follow, and Recommend Great Content, Training, and Resources like the content I have on my Facebook, My Blog, My Twitter, Etc.


Like I said it’s Simple…


Double Your Response and Open Rates by Following, Liking, Sharing & Tweeting Me… Now You Know How.


Dave Schlueter Twitter


Dave Schlueter FaceBook


Let me know what you thought about today’s post, and if you got value… you know what to do. Like it, Share it, Tweet it, etc…

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