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MLM Social Media Strategy Optimization: Double your Response and Open Rates

 Increase Your Social Media Recruiting in your Network Marketing Business with these simple tips that Increase Your Open and Response Rates Drastically.

social media optimization tips

See all of Episode 8 Today!

(It’s a 2 Part Post)

And guys after you see this strategy you are going to realize how easy this is going to be for you to start succeeding at another level with your Social Media Marketing.


Can we be honest with each other for a minute? question-mark

  • Have Your Media Marketing Open Rates Plummeted?
  • Are Your Followers not Clicking on and Following every Social Media Link?
  • When you have something Epic to Share are you getting a Less Than Stellar Response Rate?
  • Or maybe you are just starting out and you need to breathe some life into a new list or Reach a Market that you are Ready to Thrive in…


See all of Episode 8 Today!

(It’s a 2 Part Post)


Learn to Double Your Response and Open Rates by Following, Liking, Sharing & Tweeting Something Special you will learn about in today’s Business training to your followers.

 This simple business strategy for your MLM Business Success will show you how to get vastly improved Marketing Response rates and show you how to give your market exactly what it is they want.

Imagine the increase your Business can experience whey you start leveraging exactly what it is your market wants, giving it to them regularly, and becoming the go to source they count on and rely on for information, guidance, leadership, tools, training, and information in your niche.

mlm opportunity

Let’s be honest about Your Social Media Strategy

  • Would that majorly impact your business?
  • What if they began to view you as the connected source, the Credible Trusted Business Expert in your field?
  • Would that put you and your Business in a new light?

Because that is what today’s training is all about.

So get on this training Now. Learn to double open rates, marketing response rates, and take your social media optimization to a whole new level.

 See all of Episode 8 Today!

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Opportunity of a Lifetime to Create a New Financial Life in 2014!

top tier EN PHOTO

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Re-write Your Financial Destiny for 2014

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Neil Patel How to Increase Your Facebook Engagement by 275%

Hey Guys, I just wanted to share this Awesome Infographic and post today by Neil Patel at with you for how to get more from your Facebook Marketing .

With all the changes at Facebook making it harder and harder to have the reach and influence Facebook marketers once had with out paying for it; It is critical that marketers find more ways to get the most influence out of every post they put online.

Today’s infographic is a great guide for you to create, plan, time, and deploy your posts for maximum Facebook engagement and marketing success online.

Check out today’s Facebook Marketing post and tell me what you think.

Here’s a link to the article, and if you can get through all the optin pop ups and offers you can check it out here: How to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

Check out the Infographic here and let me know if you found it valuable.


How to Increase Your Facebook Engagement by 275%

Did you find today’s post Valuable?

Have you Liked it and Shared it Yet?

Let us know what you think and Share the Wealth with others if you found Value.

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How to Double Your Response and Open Rates

Double Your Response and Open Rates by Following, Liking, Sharing & Tweeting Me… Learn how now!


  • Have Your Open Rates Plummeted?

  • Are Your Followers not Clicking on and Following every Link?

  • When you have something Epic to Share are you getting a Less Than Stellar Response Rate?

  • Or maybe you are just starting out and you need to breathe some life into a new list or Reach a Market that you are Ready to Thrive in…


Well Today’s Post is about just that. In fact Today’s Post covers how to do that just by Tweeting, Sharing, Following, Recommending, and Liking Me!


Simple Really…ABC


That’s right… and I know that sounds a little strange so allow me to explain it. If you are not Following, Tweeting, Sharing, Liking, Me you need to be, and here’s why…


If you are out there Internet Marketing your Business and Opportunity, you should realize by now that quality daily content is the key to your success. You must provide valuable content that your market wants and you must do it regularly if not daily to succeed online in today’s information rich, socially interactive, online environment.


I don’t know how productive you are in your content creation strategy. Most people aren’t productive nearly enough and it holds them back tremendously.


Others are productive but it is the wrong kind of content and it is destroying their open rates, trust, and response rates.


And as a matter of fact we’re going to be doing a content generation training segment as a part of our core success strategy coming up very soon, so if you are not on my mailing list already you’ll want to get on it now and be sure you don’t miss this valuable upcoming training that gets all this stuff sorted out.


MLM Training
Get Free MLM Training

I’m not going to get deep into content creation strategies today, but I will let you know you must have one to succeed online if you want to go big in today’s internet marketing world.


In fact you have to provide the valuable solution oriented content you market craves, and you must do it regularly if you want your list to open every email you send out, and respond in numbers to your offerings.


Not only that but you had better be effectively providing it through social media channels as well.


So what does that mean? It means you had better have a great deal of quality tips, info, strategies, entertainment, etc. (content) to captivate your market, feed their content hungry appetites, and train them to open regularly, and respond frequently, to the information you send out.


You’ll need that in today’s market to succeed.


In fact you want to train your market to know that when you offer a post, an article, a video, a share, like, webinar link etc. that it is going to be quality content, and they will want to open it because of the value you offer.


It’s something they won’t want to miss!


You see, you can’t pitch people all the time and give them sales offer after sales offer if you want them to respond regularly and favorably to your communications.


You can’t just spam your list, followers, friends, community, etc. constantly and retain high open rates, respect, or generate high social response rates.


You’ll generate high social ignore rates, spam complaints, and indifference to your marketing if you do.


Can I be frank with you..?


Most people don’t care about you and your offer, how great you are etc. When they are still starting out and struggling to create their own success, they are concerned with what they want.


What they care about is what they want in the form of solutions to their problems. They are interested in who, and what is going to take them to the success they desire in the shortest possible time.


If you want to get their attention and gain your markets allegiance you have to give them what they want. High quality solutions to the problems they experience and a short route to the success they desire. In other words high quality value oriented content, entertainment, training, and resources.


You want to be the go to source for your market, and to do that you must provide content that they value and feel is important if you want to earn their trust.


Nobody is going to want to share you, recommend you, tweet you, and endorse and review you if all you do is plaster your blah… blah… blah… product or biz op marketing all over your blog, social media, sites, web pages, community, etc.


Why would people want to spam their communities, walls, boards, etc. with you if that is the kind of crap you are consistently providing?


  • Do you want to gain the trust of your market?


  • Do you want to be link and share worthy?


  • Do you want to be liked and respected by your community?


  • Do you want higher response rates and interactions with your content?


Then prove your allegiance to your market by being the go to person in your market for solutions, information, resources, training, entertainment, and value based content.


Well how do you do this without a team of knowledgeable experts in your corner providing content, training, and resources every day for your followers?


Well you can’t do it on your own really…


You have to recommend other sources, other blogs, other trainers, other information, etc. And when you do people see you as a source, a person in the know, a connected individual, who will provide them with what they need to succeed.


It makes you Golden!


It also proves you are more concerned with your followers than your own selfish intentions and that builds credibility and trust.


Oh I know… I can already hear the cries from those who don’t as yet possess an abundance mindset. You’re worried you’ll lose your leads and audience to other marketers, opportunities, and leaders out there.


But here’s the deal… you don’t have to recommend your direct competition. I’m not advocating that. I’m suggesting complimentary sources that add to your own training and resources.


I’m suggesting you build allegiance in the community by endorsing and supporting others who have great content. I’m suggesting you be a team player. I’m suggesting you give your followers everything they need to succeed and letting the principle of “reciprocity” work for you in your business to grow it bigger, faster, and stronger.


If you are not familiar with the principle of reciprocity or the work of Dr. Robert Cialdini check him out and read some of his material.


So here’s the suggestion…


It’s simple really.


Friend me on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter, etc.


I share resources every day for Internet Marketers, MLM’ers, Affiliate Marketers, and people who want to make money online.


Then… Like, Retweet, Recommend Posts, Share, etc. to your friends, list, and community some of these resources daily. Then watch your response and open rates increase as you give real and usable value to your friends, viewers, list, and followers.


You are demonstrating your leadership.


If you already know great sources of your own, then use your own sources, that’s fine… but start providing massive unselfish value regularly!


If you don’t have great sources yet then use mine until you find them.


We’ll be doing a series on content generation strategies coming up that will have you looking like a master and getting mass results in an upcoming training coming your way soon so get on the list if you haven’t done so already.


If you want to generate mass results for your marketing online you have to create influence.


In fact you should be enlarging your influence online daily and building responsiveness into your list and followers as a part of your marketing strategy.


Again we’ll be covering this in an up and coming training, but in the meantime, Tweet, Re-Tweet, Share, Like, Follow, and Recommend Great Content, Training, and Resources like the content I have on my Facebook, My Blog, My Twitter, Etc.


Like I said it’s Simple…


Double Your Response and Open Rates by Following, Liking, Sharing & Tweeting Me… Now You Know How.


Dave Schlueter Twitter


Dave Schlueter FaceBook


Let me know what you thought about today’s post, and if you got value… you know what to do. Like it, Share it, Tweet it, etc…

A Shocking Confession that Involves You Directly…

I want to welcome you out to Episode 5 of this Lifestyle Creation Series.

Guys I told you that I would be making a Shocking Confession about some things that would end up directly benefiting every one of you shocking confessionwho opens these emails and follows along with us.

  • And I’m going to be doing that today…

In fact I’m going to be Uncovering the Truth about
some things that are hidden and just be completely
transparent with you about not only myself but also
about this industry…
I’m not going to go into all the details of it here because
I want to keep this short and as brief as possible, and
yet I want to let you know what happened, what is
coming, and why I’m making this
exciting announcement today.
  • We’re going to take a shocking look into the past to see what was, and a revealing peek into the future to
see how things are going to be…
  • When we come out the other side of this some of you are going to be empowered to stand even stronger
with me, and be that much more prepared andequipped for success.
  • Others will leave and never return…
  • I’m not sure which you are going to be, and we’ll have to get to the end of today’s training to find out.

Tune into Today’s MLM Double Feature

Here’s to Your Success and Abundance…
-Dave Schlueter



Market Secrets, Money, Freedom, and Lifestyle…in Record Time!


Money, Freedom, Lifestyle.


Don’t let Success and The Freedom Lifestyle you desire to live stump you.

If you are like most marketers you got into your business with high hopes and dreams but then maybe met with some unforeseen challenges along the way and you haven’t quite accomplished what you set out to do.


Let me Introduce You to a Dream Team of Marketers and folks like you getting it done online, and let’s move you into their Inner Circle.



Let’s get Started…

We’re going to get started creating solutions here today with this series and you can’t afford to miss anything I’m sending your way if you are serious about creating, time, income, freedom, and lifestyle.

I’m about to make a huge confession that will benefit you immensely!

I want to welcome you out today to Episode 4 of this Lifestyle Creation Series.

Powerful Secrets and Strategies

You’re going to learn some powerful secrets and some strategies here that are going to help you understand your market better, provide exactly what it is they want and create more leads and sales for your business if you take advantage of them.

secret strategies

Click the Link Now and See Today’s  Video: Episode 4 of this Lifestyle Creation Series.


To succeed in the industry of Direct Sales, Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, etc. it is imperative that you understand a few things.

You must know exactly (and in detail) who your target customer is, what they feel, what they are frustrated with, what this market wants, and what their hot buttons are that get their credit card in hand, ready to buy now from you.

Wouldn’t it be great to know those exact things, and know how to get in front of that audience and present them with exactly what they already want and are hungry for?

I’m going to show you how…

What if you knew the exact way your perfect customer wants to be sold to?

  • Do you think that would help you Succeed?

Well that is a lot of what this series is about.

(Click Here: Opt in Now and Let’s go Deep into What it takes to Succeed Marketing Your Business Online)

In fact it is about creating the money and the lifestyle you desire with the vehicle of your online business with the shortest route possible.

What you will learn here will be invaluable in creating the winning strategy for your online business and your freedom lifestyle.

The Market has Been Surveyed

As a matter of fact the market has been surveyed to reveal insights into exactly what it wants and the results have been a little surprising for some.

You should listen very carefully to the answers that come next, because they are the keys to creating the Money, Freedom and the Lifestyle of your dreams.

lifestyle Questionnaire

Most people surveyed in this Online Money Making, Affiliate Marketing Online MLM niche:

Weren’t after the 30-100k per month many of their peers were making!

They were not after the Ultimate Lifestyle!confused about success

In fact the majority of folks surveyed were far more interested in the 3-10k per month range, and 5k a month was really the sweet spot most were after.

As a matter of fact most of the people surveyed really just wanted to know how to get started, what to do next, and how to make 5-10k per month and have a freedom based lifestyle to go with it.

  • -In other words they didn’t want to have to endlessly pitch, prospect, harass, friends, family, peers, co-workers, and anyone who comes within 3 feet of them.

thumbs down

  • They didn’t want endless hours of 3 way calls, hand holding, tear drying, team building and team rebuilding that goes with so many MLM’s.
  • And they didn’t want to have to sell Millions of Dollars in sales volume for a measly few thousand in residual income.

Wimpy Commissions are Out!!!



People want to get paid for the efforts, sales, and team building efforts they are responsible for.


In fact almost all of them wanted Higher Commissions, to make that money faster and easier, and to have a life while doing it.

The market is looking for Freedom, Money, and the Time to choose the Lifestyle’s they desire.

So in knowing these facts…

In knowing that the Market is crying out and searching for this…

Use this to your advantage…

The Super-Uber Winning Strategy is… to identify and speak to those wants, find the problems getting in the way of fulfilling those wants and Dreams, find the solutions for the problems that exist, and provide them.

Be the painkiller for a market in pain. The market is literally searching for solutions to their pain, and it is your mission to position yourself as Doctor FeelGood.

That’s where you need to be focusing your efforts and your time.

Define the problems, offer solutions, and you will have loyal fans, followers, customers, and team mates for life. You will create Massive Success.

(More Traffic, More Leads, and Mores Sales. Join Here & Let’s Speak in the Next 24hrs.)

You Need and Amazing Platform

You must have an Amazing Platform to build it all upon, and there couldn’t be a better solution, a better vehicle to take you there than a Fully Optimized Marketing Blog specifically designed for this kind of massive value and impact.

That’s why we offer and recommend THIS!!!


If you want to learn all of this, how to create that winning strategy, and get in front of a market in pain positioned as Dr. FeelGood, then you are going to want to be on the list!

  • You are going to need a platform up to the task…
  • You are going to want to get “All In.”

Yes I am Ready to Join the Movement Click Here Now: Take me to the Video and the Order Form…

And you’re going to want to open every email and keep your eyes glued to your inbox for more special insider training, insight, and how.

Episode 4 of this Lifestyle Creation Series.

-If you are Hardcore, if you’re Serious and Committed to Creating Success and a Lifestyle of Freedom and Wealth, you can’t afford to miss the value I’m going to be bringing you with this Exciting New Series.


The Time for Action is Now!!!

  • Get on the fast track to Success and Abundance today…

And I’ll see you in the next training.

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A Plan for Speed, Ease, Comfort, and keeping the Proceeds Ourselves…

Learning to construct the lifestyle you want and dispelling the mystery of how you are going to do it becomes easier with a solid understanding of what it takes and a road map and a vehicle to take you there.

This training and opportunity will show you both and you are going to want to stay tuned and not miss a thing.

Watch Video Episode 3 Today

Dave is laying out the road map for you in this series, I’m going to add to it with some training and info of my own and we are both inviting you to take a look at the vehicle and get on board with us and create the lifestyle you dream of Today.

And here’s the deal… We’re not talking about doing things the slow way or the hard way because we realize you’re not into that.

Watch Video Episode 3 Today

You want results, you want them fast, and you want to be able to build the lifestyle of your dreams and live the lifestyle of your dreams simultaneously.

We realize you don’t want to be another company drone working your ass off for meager commissions and returns while some other guy at the top is getting all the rewards.

That’s why we’re talking about a plan for speed, ease, and a way to keep the proceeds for yourself in the process.

Watch Video Episode 3 Today

If you haven’t seen this vehicle yet, or got on the list to be sure you don’t miss any of this training… Then what the heck are you waiting for?

Use this link now and get on board and we’ll see you in the next training.

Updated… The Need for Proper Systems for Online Success

keys-to-successI’ve been talking to a lot of marketers online lately who are just starving for the keys that will unlock the door to success for them online and in their businesses. People who have joined opportunities and who are hungry for information to help them become successful online.

Too many of them never find it.  They famish, lost in the success wastelands, frustrated, disappointed, discouraged and drop out. They never receive the nourishment they need to succeed.

Few new marketers coming online realize the commitment, strategy, systems and leverage it is going to take to make a splash in the market, get noticed and start earning those highly coveted sales and commissions necessary to make their dreams come true.

Most of them fall for the amazing success stories and powerful marketing magic of heavy hitting marketers and recruiters, and they fail to understand the bigger picture of what it will take to succeed online.

So am I being cynical then… am I crying foul and finger banging the “Online Scam” button..?


No…not at all…I’m just saying that you have to have the proper tools, training, systems, leadership, and leverage to succeed online, and that a lot of people out there recruiting only know how to recruit, and they are not providing the complete package necessary to duplicate success online.

Yes… you can create abundant cash flow through a program of continual heavy hitting recruitment andrecruiters marketing, one that continually replenishes the drop out rate (attrition) in your team with new recruits that stay for 90 days, fail, drop out, move on, bad mouth the industry (and many do) but I don’t consider that type of business ethical, successful, or desirable.

I don’t want to hear that B.S. excuse that it is just a reality of the industry either. That’s Horse Crap! Strap your boots on, pull your pants up and learn to be a leader and train people to truly succeed. Anything less then that is less than ethical in my opinion.

MLM without duplication is a bad business model, and by duplication I mean creating successful, ethical, and residual income and success in this industry. Not gigantic turnover month after month replaced by more heavy hitting recruitment.

If all you do is recruit and never teach people to succeed at anything but recruiting then you deserve the it’s a “PYRAMID SCHEME” objections.

It’s more difficult to be a Real Leader. A Person of Integrity with a Character who encourages, steve jobstrains, sacrifices, and dedicates themselves to the nurturing and success of others. But it is essential to the success and health of the MLM and Online Marketing Industry.

In fact “True Leadership” and Ethical Integrity are in such short supply in the market place that when you do begin to display it you will be in demand. People will gravitate to you and follow you.

That’s why today I am dusting off and Updating a previous Post and why I want you to check it out…

Check out this post… Let me know what you think… Opt in for some inner circle training on this website…

Demonstrate some Integrity and True Leadership in your Business today and Invest in a more Profitable Future.

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Online Copywriting Success Made Short and Sweet

Let’s talk for a minute about Online Copywriting…

Whether you are an MLM marketer, online affiliate marketer, or a would be Guru selling your own products and information for profit, sooner or later we all have to learn better online copywriting skills if we want to be successful internet entrepreneur.

You can watch a Video of this on this page or on YouTube at: Online Copywriting

Bonus Gold Nuggert Copywriting Video Footage Below

There is only so much you can do or accomplish by rehashing replicated sales copy, duplicating websites, sales letters etc.

Sooner or later you realize that every commentr you leave on a blog or social media post that you make, you are selling, and you must master the skill of online copywriting to get your message across and to have the greatest desired impact upon your prospect.

But where do you learn these skills of writing copy? How can you begin to get a quick yet powerful fundamental principles type lesson, and begin immediately growing your understanding and copywriting skills?

I’m not talking about some long drawn out intricate discussion on online copywriting, human psychology, predictable behavior, and the principles of influence here. What I am talking about is a basic fundamental starting point, a foundational center, upon which to build your understanding from, and then to grow.

I like to keep things simple.

You can get way out there and over complicate, over analyze and debate to death online marketing, online copywriting, and what works best until we are all blue in the face, but when you boil things down to their simplest elements, things seem clearer, and they become much more applicable in the real world.

There is a beauty in simplicity…

As far as online marketing goes, we vastly need to simplify things for most people, and give them basic principles to work with not statistics, facts and details. Most people just need simple step by step tactical plans and systems for success.

If we don’t provide this for them then we risk the chance of losing them into the great abyss of analysis paralysis, information overload, and utter exhausted confusion never to be heard from again. People drop out of our organizations and dreams dry up.

I am not okay with losing new would be marketers and budding distributors that way, especially not over online copywriting 101.

In fact it is why I liked this blog post by Alex Mandossian so much that I feel compelled to share it. It is simple, clear, and easy to understand, yet when you give it some thought and engage the gray matter between your ears it begins to shine forth with that simple wisdom and true radiance that we need so much more of in this complicated arena of online marketing, online copywriting, and success.

Online Copywriting Success

Check out Alex’s copywriting article today and I think you will agree though it may be short on words it is long on copywriting wisdom that every budding marketer needs to live long and prosper in the internet marketing arena.


Bonus Golden Nugget Type: Jay Abraham Copywriting Tips


If you liked this post about Online Copywriting then let us know by leaving a comment, finger banging the like button, bookmarking, and sharing this content thanks for spreading the word.

How to Increase Website Traffic: Get 1,000 Visitors in 30 Days from Scratch

How to increase website traffic and  Get 1,000 Visitors in 30 Days from Scratch to your site. This article is rich with ideas, links, secrets for MLM success,marketing tips, and resources for you to mine and put into use increasing your website traffic.

how to increase website traffic
MLM Success

I just read this article on how to increase website traffic and thought it was a great piece of information loaded with marketing tips, links from several experts, and full of useful content and internet marketing information. If you are in the market to learn how to increase your website traffic you will be sure and want to check this out.

The main objective of the article is to learn what some of the top online marketers  would do to get 1,000 visitors to a web site within the first 30 days. That is some powerful “how to increase website traffic ju ju” my friends. You’ll want to see what these experts all had to say and glean their answers, and marketing tips for some instantly applicable internet marketing tactics for your specific situation.

We all need website traffic and new leads for our businesses. New leads and new blood is the life blood of our MLM industry, and you don’t get either without increasing traffic to your content  and websites. You must drive traffic to your MLM sites, to an opt in offer, and into your sales funnels to have success.

It all starts with how to increase website traffic…

So go ahead and check out this marketing tips article:  How To Increase Website Traffic   You can thank me later. Also be sure and finger bang the heck out of the like button on this page, bookmark it, share it, spread the word, and opt in for some great internet MLM training today.

You can also see this Video on YouTube at: How to Increase Website Traffic Video



Tonight! Creating Freedom Through Blogging

Tonight! Creating Freedom Through Blogging
with L5 Global Leader Ray Higdon


Ray Higdon, Ray Higdon, Ray Higdon..the dude is everywhere!

Tonight at 9pm EDT, listen and learn as L5 Global Leader Ray Higdon shares how we went from deep, dark depression with the weight of regret, shame and guilt to becoming the top earner in his company, winning eight vacations and even a new car!

All from blogging.

Think blogging doesn’t work? Tell that to Ray. He gets 20-144 leads per day from his blog (without spending a dime).

It wouldn’t be ok for us to say that you will earn thousands of dollars and start getting hundreds of leads a month by simply attending tonights webinar but heck, some people have and so can you!

Register now and invest your time in your future! Learn from someone who is at the top of his game and how you can get to the top of yours!

Click Here to Register =>”nofollow”

We’ll see you Tonight, June 20th, 9pm EDT Sharp!


Posting on Purpose for Profit and Who is Rob Fore?

Rob Fore – Posting on Purpose for Profit


Rob Fore


Today we are going to talk just a little about internet marketing expert, industry leader, and MLM mentor Rob Fore, why you should “Post on Purpose,” and why Diane Kennedy, Rich Dad author, and tax advisor to Robert Kiyosaki recommends listening to everything Rob has to say on this subject…


Let’s see what Diane has to say about Rob and why you need to take notice and pay extra special attention to every word he says…


Rich Dad Author and Adviser Diane Kennedy Speaks About Rob Fore


Now I can’t speak for you but when it comes to myself and where I get my advice from, I prefer to get it from people who are richer and smarter than I am, and I pay particular attention to what they have to say and tune out what most others jabber about. In fact more than just listen, I try and model their behaviors as well. It’s just a successful rule of thumb.


So when Diane Kennedy best-selling author, Rich Dad advisor, and tax consultant to Mr. Robert Kiyosaki speaks I listen…Intently…


Rob ForeSo when Rob Fore just launched two new products into the internet webisphere I took extra special notice and figured everyone else who wants to be successful in the industry would want to also. So of course I thought I would pass on the “Posting on Purpose” resource to you for your success and abundance.


If you are intent on marketing on the internet you must build your list. I am sure you’ve heard it said a thousand times before, but the fortune is in the list.


But how are you going to build that list if you are not properly identifying your target audience and “Posting on Purpose” the right way to build that list? The fortune may be in the list but if you have no list, and you don’t know the best way to build one by Posting on Purpose, then you’ve got big, big,  troubles…


Well Rob Fore is a master at doing this and you’re going to want to learn everything he has to say about this critical element of the MLM Success Equation. He’s built several successful lists and several 6 figure incomes from each one and to my knowledge hasn’t failed yet in doing so. His system is tested, proven, and it works.


So if you are looking to build your marketing list, and you want to learn the system from one of the best in the industry, I suggest everyone take Diane Kennedy’s advice, model her behavior, and learn from Rob Fore today by checking out everything Rob Fores powerful Posting on Purpose program has to offer you.

Listen to some Rich Dad advice and go check out Rob now at this link:

Posting on Purpose- Rob Fore


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“Internet MLM Resource Page”


Thumbs up for Rob Fore
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Make Money on Facebook with the Latest Marketing Strategies



I saw this cool video that pretty much sums it up and thought I’d pass it along. I’ve been talking about Facebook as a marketing strategy you really need to take a look at for your business success. The thing about it though is you need some proper training to get started with or your going to be totally frustrated.

There is nobody better in the game to learn from right now than the resource I am going to give you. Michelle rocks and is going to give you the best Facebook training available. In fact it’s how she made a 6 figure income in 6 months using these strategies. So use this link now and get some free training and start rocking this thing on Facebook.


Here’s the Link You’ll Want to Use:


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What another wasted and lousy day spent dealing with the internet gremlins. Those sleazy, pathetic, cowardly devils with seemingly nothing better to do with their time than create mayhem, damage, and wreckage. Those terrible devious creatures that create programs designed to destroy your computer, your data, steal your information, etc…


What a mess… We spent more than 10 hours today doing nothing more than trying to recover from malicious code designed by worthless life forms with the intent of… well I have no idea what. Causing me grief? Getting in the way of me attempting to help others, be of service, and hopefully help to make the world a better place? Bogging down commerce and bringing the economy to a halt?


Or maybe… (let’s get paranoid and deluded now) they are intent on sucking my hard earned cash out of my pocket to stimulate their new cyber economy so we have to buy virus programs, anti-spyware products, malware removers, firewall protection, anti-brainwave scanners, anti-mind programming devices, to protect ourselves from the evil corporate “global matrix”… Let’s all tinfoil up the windows and get out our armadillo shell hats guys cuz it’s the only way we’ll keep them out man… No really…I’m serious. Why are you staring at me like that man? Are you one of them..? Your one of them aren’t you… They’ve already re-programmed you haven’t they… Aaarrrrgggghhhh!


It makes me crazy and it has totally wasted my day. Well actually far more than just today now that I see how many days’ worth of work is now a drift somewhere in the digital universe within the confines of this seriously impaired laptop… Aaaarrrrggghhh!



So obviously a lot of what I had in store for you today is now lost in space. I had wanted to get back to talking to you about the hottest marketing trend on the internet right now which is Facebook. And there is no one I know who has that realm mastered better than Michelle Alpha/Pescosolido. Last nights training was absoluetely awesome and she threw up some incredible time sensitive offers that I wanted to bring you in time but…. Aaarrrrrgggghhh.


So for whatever reasons either man made or divinely designed (maybe it’s aliens), I just don’t seem to be able to offer you the Facebook training I had hoped to. And the truth is that no one I know of in the industry right now outside of Michelle is going to be able to offer you this training in such a complete, powerful, up to date, and money making fashion.


So rather than continue in my failed efforts to bring you something that will only really pale in comparison, I should instead just send you to the source right now for some free training instead.



You can watch it here:


Here’s proof that 5,207 people registered for last night’s EXPLOSIVE webinar with FaceBook Rockstar Michelle Pescosolido:



After 40 minutes of some of the most time-sensitive, up-to-date, money-making Facebook nuggets, Michelle did something that absolutely blew me away!


She not only completely updated her “Social Media Mastery” (the #1 Facebook marketing course online today), but she has decided to take your hand and essentially give you 2 GROUP FB COACHING SESSIONS that will cap off your MBA in Facebook Marketing!


*** THE DEADLINE WAS LAST NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT EST, but you can imagine that with over 5,000 people registered, we had HUNDREDS of support emails coming through this morning begging us to extend Michelle’s offer. ***


YOU HAVE UNTIL THIS FRIDAY AT MIDNIGHT EST  to get Michelle’s Updated Course AND access to TWO 2-Hour Private Q&A webinars, and then you will NEVER see this offer again. But you must ACT NOW:


Facebook is the HOTTEST marketing strategy right now, and you need to learn it RIGHT NOW. There is no better “course” or “mentor” to train you on the subject than Michelle Pescosolido.
You need this course if you want to make money with Facebook. You might as well get some coaching bonuses along with it!


Get this Facebook Training NOW:


The clock is ticking. This Friday Midnight EST is your deadline.


P.S. – You don’t want to miss this training and others like it that you are personally invited to by me each week go to the Weekly Free Training tab on this website and get registered today.


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The Best Facebook Marketing Training

The Best Facebook Marketing Training

I told you we would get back to our Facebook training today and we will in a way… You see I’ve been so wrapped up training on this subject myself and getting so much out of it, that I really just wanted to send you to the master on this subject. Sure I’ll be training this stuff down as I learn more and apply it. Believe me you’re going to want to lean and apply this.

Here’s a short video to get you started…



Go ahead and click this link now and you’ll see what I mean:

If you Enjoyed this Facebook Marketing Article Check Out the Other Related Internet MLM Marketing Articles on the:

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Also see part 1 of this Facebook series: Killer Proven Free MLM Facebook Marketing Tips

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Killer Proven Free MLM Facebook Marketing Tips

Killer Proven Free MLM Facebook Marketing Tips

We’re going to talk about some free MLM Facebook marketing for our MLM businesses today. In fact this will no doubt require more than just today alone and I am sure will become a multi-day series as I endeavor to bring you some killer free Facebook training.


What Everyone Wants to know about Facebook Marketing


Everyone wants to know how to take advantage of the Facebook Phenomenon and to convert hundreds or even thousands of Facebook friends and fans into loyal customers without sounding like you’re pitching, being spammy, and obnoxious?


Even more specifically people who are brand new want to know how do you find and tap into the niche you are looking for out of the 845 million (projected to be a Billion before the year is done) people on Facebook? Right?


And how many people must you reasonably speak with from that niche every day on Facebook to realize some success in your MLM business? 5-10 every day to make a difference in your business should be considered the minimum depending on whether you are full time or part time.


So now that you know these figures…How do you start to get it done. How do you lay the foundation that you will begin to build upon to be successful with your Facebook marketing? How do you get people chasing you and asking you instead of the other way around? You want your prospects to chase you right?


Beginning to brand yourself within the Facebook community is the fundamental starting place. To do that you’ll need a Facebook fan page, you’ll need to know how to build it right, and you’ll want to begin to build a community there.


The ideal to aim for is a community party atmosphere where people are interacting, commenting, communicating, contributing, getting social, and receiving a ton of great value.


If you do this right and create an atmosphere where it isn’t pitchy, where it is fun, filled with value, social interaction, and you are not pushing your business on people. You begin to create attraction and create a natural gravity that people become attracted to and want to be a part of, hang out with, and eventually work with.


Basically I am talking about the fundamentals of attraction marketing here woven into your marketing on facebook. Doesn’t everyone want to be a part of the cool party, hanging with the cool cats that are dripping with real value and status? You bet they do. You’ll want to radiate posture and leadership that people are attracted to and want to be around, a part of, and want to work with. That’s the magic theory of it…


Now that you have a rough idea of what to shoot for with your Facebook marketing fan page, presence, posture, etc. let’s dig a little deeper and define your target audience.


Who is your primary audience going to be for your Facebook Marketing business? Are you looking to only market your primary business or are you coming at things with a funded proposal deal, and affiliate offering, your own products, etc.


What are your perfect prospects like? Who can you relate with the most using or taking advantage of your offers, your products, the information you offer? What’s your personal story like and who can relate to you and that story? Who do you relate with and who will relate to your values, ideals, experiences, etc.


You always stand a better chance of relating with those, and creating a connection with those who will understand and naturally gravitate to your story and experience. That doesn’t mean other people are out of the question, it just means that we are targeting and doing our very best especially at the start to gain every advantage and every benefit possible.


So if you haven’t done so already in your Facebook marketing career, take the time now to define these parameters by doing a little brainstorming and a little research, and then I’ll see you in the next segment and we’ll take things from there.


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he #1 reason 97% FAIL on Facebook and waste thousands of dollars on FaceBook with no results: Killer FaceBook Training


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MLM Video Marketing Social Video Sites

MLM Video marketing is a powerful medium to boost your business and create the opportunity for social sharing and an abundance of backlinks to your site and content.

See Today’s Post -Watch the Video and Learn How they got 14,000 Leads from YouTube in 8 Months!

Today we’ll give you a massive list of sites to market video and get backlinks from, and some tips to be more successful with your MLM video marketing strategy.

In regard to video social media in general there are three main things you are after…


  1. Gain the attention of targeted viewers.
  2. Increase exposure and awareness to you, your products, and your offering.
  3. Inspire others to syndicate your content by sharing, liking, etc.


To be successful with this strategy topic number 3 has to be your primary objective. To do this your content must communicate some inspiring, humorous, emotional, and intellectual or otherwise valued reaction. This should be the aim of your MLM video marketing content if you want to take advantage of social video attraction.


YouTube Secrets for Massive Leads


 Here are some tips to help your content get shared and gain attraction with MLM video Marketing:

 Just like it is with your blog marketing you need to post regularly to gain popularity.

  • Design a sequence or series of video’s that you release over time.
  • Dull boring content does not get shared, so be creative with your video.
  • Be personal, be real, and engage with your viewers.
  • Be sure to encourage others to share and like your content.


 Here are some other tips for driving traffic to your sites with MLM video marketing:


  1. Create relevant content for your target market group.
  2. Make sure to include keyword tags about your video.
  3. Search out the popular profiles and sites in your niche, and become friends with people who share, like, and comment on these sites. Chances are they will share like and comment on your videos as well.

YouTube Secrets for Massive Leads


For those of you looking to generate some backlinks and leverage social media video sharing sites I’ve included a massive list for your MLM video marketing efforts:


Video Sharing Sites

Google PR




































































































































FREE 24 Min. Video Reveals How they Hacked YouTube… and Discovered the 7 No-Cost Secrets to suck in over 14,000 Leads in just 8 Months for FREE that require ZERO technical ability and NO special equipment.

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MLM Secrets Your Own Online MLM ATM!

MLM Secrets: Imagine having your own “Online MLM ATM” and how cool that would be?

Well then we have to talk about more MLM secrets today beginning with MLM list building Basics.

So what is List Building and Why is it so Critical to Your Business:

  • Your list is your online ATM!

The online email marketing list that you build for your business is your ticket to success in this industry. Leads are the fuel that your business runs on and needs to exist… Your list is your all-important go to resource for your continued growth and success. It’s the gold bearing ore that you shovel into your wash plant and eventually after a scientific process, that removes the rubble and worthless material, turns treasure out the other end.

You shovel in the ore by constantly building and adding new contacts to your e-mail marketing list, you then direct those gold bearing leads into your automated sales funnel (your wash plant) and voila your online ATM is in business.

Pretty cool huh?

So what Kind of List are We Talking About Building Then:

  • Laser Targeted and Qualified Prospects
  • A List that you Generate, Own, and Control
  • A List that wants You to Communicate with Them
  • A List that wants the Type of Products, Information, and Opportunity You Offer


So what is this List for:

  • Like I’ve said this is that gold bearing ore, that placer bearing gravel that your business runs on.
  • These leads go into your sales funnel where an automated process begins to build a relationship, trust, rapport, with your prospect on auto-pilot.
  • The process continuously provides them with valuable information, training, offers, etc. that continue to build your credibility and influence.
  • Basically you are able to market yourself, your business, your opportunity, products, and affiliate offerings on 100% autopilot.

This is your bread and butter. It’s what you build your business and generate your sales from, and it is an asset you absolutely must take care of constantly or your business online will die!

               MLM Secrets – List Etiquette:

  • Always take good care of your list. Like your business depends on it…because it does.
  • Lead with value. Spend 80% of your time educating, training, entertaining, and giving value instead of selling.
  • Never spam your list or sell the information.
  • Be sure and entertain as well as educate… I call it edutainment.
  • Provide your list with what they need and want most and they will reward you with what you want.

So how is it that we get what it is is we want then? Well…I sincerely hope that if you come into this MLM business you come with, or learn to develop a servant’s type heart along the way that truly endeavors to help others to solve their problems and become the very best that they can be in life. I believe when you have that attitude and intention in your core you truly will come to succeed not only in MLM but also in life.

But let’s get back to the MLM secrets of the MLM ATM shall we? So how do you make this marketing machine spit out money then right? Well it’s simple really… It’s so simple you’ll be astounded.

Connect your list with the products, services, information, and opportunities that solve their problems. In other words give them what they want and not only will they thank you for it but they will give you their money to.

You’re not a salesman you’re a problem solver and MLM is all about building relationships and helping people out not selling them. Isn’t it great to know that?


               So How Do You Build Your List:

  • Get Trained…
  • Learn all you can about marketing and list building.
  • Sign up for The 8 Day MLM Business and Traffic Building Seminar today.
  • Get started… Take Action… Don’t wait till you know everything move your feet now!
  • Get the best automated tools in the industry that makes these things a snap.
  • Come into my inner circle, join my team and we’ll build it together!


Go to the web form on this page and opt in for The 8 Day Free Seminar.

Get some Free Training and See How to Really ROCK this Online: Free MLM Training

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MLM Marketing Video Content for Blog Success

breaking_news1MLM Marketing: Video Content for your Blog Success

It’s hard to underestimate the impact that video marketing and video sharing sites like YouTube have had on our lives.

YouTube is ranked the #3 most popular website in the world by Alexa .

In fact…The YouTube search feature is one of the largest search engines in the world.

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Here’s a Few Amazing Stats…

  • More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month
  • Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube—that’s almost an hour for every person on Earth, and 50% more than last year
  • 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • 80% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US
  • YouTube is localized in 61 countries and across 61 languages
  • According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network
  • Millions of subscriptions happen each day. The number of people subscribing daily is up more than 3x since last year, and the number of daily subscriptions is up more than 4x since last year

Video marketing is huge and so are the effects it can have to boost your success.

If you are not employing video marketing as a part of your MLM marketing strategy you are blowing it.

You are missing the bus!

MLM marketing with videos is powerful, easy, simple, and can get you traffic and search engine rankings to improve your ranking and success online. You can get tens of thousands of views and visitors.

youtubeBecause sites like YouTube are so popular they carry a lot of weight with the search engines.

That not only means that videos are easier to rank then a post on a new blog, it means that they are easier to rank online then most any of the sites out there that are not as popular as number 3 in the world.

So what does that mean to the MLM marketer?

It means that you better be using video marketing to drive your business, your page rank, and your content to the top or you are simply being foolish.

Video is a powerful tool and that is why we have outlined using it as part of a synergistic marketing system.

I have outlined a simple system for employing this knowledge in The 8 Day MLM Business and Traffic Building Seminar that you can get for free by opting in on this page today. I’ll show you how to take advantage of vide to promote your blog content and vice versa.

You can get crazy amounts of traffic to videos no doubt…

-But to get that traffic to click through to your website where you can do some real MLM marketing, get them to opt in, and land in your scientifically designed sales funnel, you need a few tips that will help you direct that traffic and start it running where you want it to instead of running off down the web trail.

  • You have to have your own channel:


  • Your channel must be specific to your niche not a rough assortment of entertainment and diverse interests.
  • Fill your channel with niche specific awesome content that your target audience demands.


  • You have to Make a lot of Targeted Friends:


  • The more friends you have the better and the higher chances your video’s get viewed.
  • Find the top Tube Channels for your Niche and friend their friends list. There is a higher chance they will friend you, join your channel, view your content, and follow your links.
  • The more channel views you get the greater the authority and PR (page rank) you gain.
  • The greater the PR the faster and easier your video’s will rank in the search engines.


  • Comment on the Best Relevant Videos by Others:


  • Find some of the better videos out there and comment on them.
  • Flattery will pay you handsomely here. Don’t be fake but do appreciate others.
  • Those who you have commented on favorably will in like return the favor.
  • Do not spam them or self-promote.



  • More importantly Comment on Others Channels:


  • Again find the best channels in your niche and comment on them.
  • The channel owner will likely view you and your videos and may subscribe.
  • The links you leave in channel comments point back to your site.
  • If you are targeting the best high ranking channels some of that link love is going to flow back to your channel and boost your PR.


  • Laser Focus your Video to one Keyword or Phrase:


  • Search engines don’t watch videos so you have to tell them what your content is about.
  • Put your keyword in the Video Title, in the description, and in the tags you use for your video.


So that is a quick MLM marketer’s tip sheet for video marketing.

To get more details on how to employ this strategy in your internet marketing sign up to receive The 8 Day MLM Business and Traffic Building Seminar in the web form on this page.

This Free Training will answer your questions and get you employing these and other strategies in the right fashion to be successful Network Marketing online.

Leave me all your thoughts, comments, gripes, and questions below. Let’s create MLM Marketing Success together.  Get subscribed to the email list on the right for more cool video marketing tips, tricks and secrets.

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