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The Most Inspiring Hangout I’ve Ever Attended!

Probably the most Inspiring Hangout I’ve ever attended…

If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of something that really mattered this is it!

You must see this Hangout n Share it…

Here’s Your Link: Live Hangout: Confessions from the Dave’s



A Shocking Confession that Involves You Directly…

I want to welcome you out to Episode 5 of this Lifestyle Creation Series.

Guys I told you that I would be making a Shocking Confession about some things that would end up directly benefiting every one of you shocking confessionwho opens these emails and follows along with us.

  • And I’m going to be doing that today…

In fact I’m going to be Uncovering the Truth about
some things that are hidden and just be completely
transparent with you about not only myself but also
about this industry…
I’m not going to go into all the details of it here because
I want to keep this short and as brief as possible, and
yet I want to let you know what happened, what is
coming, and why I’m making this
exciting announcement today.
  • We’re going to take a shocking look into the past to see what was, and a revealing peek into the future to
see how things are going to be…
  • When we come out the other side of this some of you are going to be empowered to stand even stronger
with me, and be that much more prepared andequipped for success.
  • Others will leave and never return…
  • I’m not sure which you are going to be, and we’ll have to get to the end of today’s training to find out.

Tune into Today’s MLM Double Feature

Here’s to Your Success and Abundance…
-Dave Schlueter



See Today’s Episode 2 Video – The Art of Getting What You Want

See Today’s Episode 2 Video and move yourself into the 6 step process to getting what you want in life through lifestyle construction.

This is powerful ju-ju from one of the best of the best in online marketing and lifestyle generation.

Our Special Guest is a Guru Extraordinaire

Listen to our special guest and Mentor share more secrets today, as we begin this new series of video’s, training, and interviews designed to make that magic become a part of your reality.

Today’s Episode 2 Video

If you desire Lifestyle and Success with your Online Business whether you are in MLM, Direct Sales and Marketing, or Internet Marketing, you can’t afford to miss this new series.

Successful Online Entrepreneurs from across the Globe

We’re going to be bringing people out from all over the world, and interviewing them on how they create magical results inside and outside this Turn Key Opportunity.

Begin a New Direction with Us…

Begin with us today a new future and direction to discover your vision, and learn how to generate results in your life and with your business that will take you there.

Watch today’s Video, leave me your thoughts, Get on the List Today so you don’t miss an episode and join us discovering how you to can live the dream.

Today’s Episode 2 Video

207K in 10 Months Blogging – Empower Network Proof- Meet Rob Fore!

$207K in 10 Months Blogging? – Meet Rob Fore and Empower Network!

It sounds Outrageous I know…. But then you don’t know Rob Fore and you don’t know Empower Network.

The face of Blogging is changing and with is so is the money that can be made when you ditch all the B.S. out there that doesn’t work and get tapped into what works.

Watch this Video Now and then use this link Blogging Secrets to learn more about how you can get tapped into this Blogging Revolution that is taking place.

Get the best training, information, and tools to make success online a reality.

Check out this video now and then use this link to get tapped into this incredible Blogging movement in internet history.


Rob Fore is a Badass when it comes to Blogging no doubt…

But so is the new platform and training at Empower Network. If you haven’t checked it out yet then use this link now and check it out. See The Blogging Beast

As you’ll see in this short clip, Rob’s favorite strategy is Blogging and SEO. You could say he’s a master at it. By using the medium of blogging and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Rob has become a top income earner in several affiliate programs, Empower Network, and MLM. He’s the real deal…


Here’s some of Rob’s Amazing Training to kick start your Blogging and SEO and then take it to a whole new level.

Learn how this marketing wizard RIGHT NOW is teaching thousands of brand new marketers the scientific way for you to make money with every piece of content you put online, guaranteed! Get on the Team and Let’s get Rolling… What are you waiting for?

“Discover the Iron-Clad Scientific Formula”blogging seo

FREE instant access to a video that will allow you to Increase Your Traffic by 9x or More, Rake in Fresh Laser-Targeted Leads Daily, and Make More Money with this “magic secret” SEO System starting this week…

Predatory SEO

I just thought you’d like to have a look into the future of Blogging, see what is possible, and have access to the best tools, platforms, and information in the industry to create success with.

Rob is a Badass and it is why he has chosen this Internet System and Blogging Platform to build a Fortune with. It’s why he has made a small fortune in record time with Empower Network. Yes of course please check the income disclosure, we are not making income claims but…

Go ahead… don’t be a wussy. Check out this information Today and get started…

Get on the list so you don’t miss any of the valuable content and training I will be bringing your way, and be sure to leave your comments about what you think, what you want, and what you’re struggling with online in your business.

Was this Blogging Tips post helpful for you?

Tell us your Blogging Tips struggles, challenges, wants and needs, and give us your input today.

The Magical Blogging Formula…

The Magical Blogging Formula…

This is a special Blog Training Session with David Wood. If you would like to have a look at this system and more training on Blogging Wealth Creation Visit and check it out!

Also be sure and Check out the Blogging Tips Series…

Here’s Today’s Very Special Blogging Tips Training:




•      That way you can get up to speed with us and I won’t have to waste your time repeating myself and going over things we have already covered.

If you’d like to have a look at “The Beast” use this link now:

See the Beast

What do you struggle the most with in your online business?

What personal blogging blunders have you discovered?

What do you think is holding you back the most from achieving the level of success with your online business that you desire?

Watch the Blog Tips series today and leave me your thoughts and comments below…

Blog Tips 10 Engaging Your Online Business Success is Live!

Blog Tips 10 Lets Engage Your Online Success



If you haven’t seen blog tips #1 YET IN THIS SERIES… FOLLOW THE LINK Below TO PRESENTATION #1 in the Blog Tips series…


Start at video one enjoy the series and tell me what you think.

What do you struggle the most with in your online business?

What personal blogging blunders have you discovered?

What do you think is holding you back the most from achieving the level of success with your online business that you desire?

Watch the Blog Tips series today and leave me your thoughts and comments below…

Blog Tips Video 9 Optimize Your Online Business Success

Let’s get into some more Blog Tips Today with Blogging Tips #9



Blogging Tips for today… Let’s get Optimizing!

If you haven’t seen blog tips #1 YET IN THIS SERIES… FOLLOW THE LINK Below TO PRESENTATION #1 in the Blog Tips series…



You can also View this Video and Additional Blog Tips Bonuses and Training at:

Blogging Tips

Here are few other Blogging Tip Worth Links:

16 Top Tips from Blogging Experts for Beginners

How to Blog: Blogging Tips for Beginners

Start at video one enjoy the Blog Tips series and tell me what you think.

What do you struggle the most with in your online business?

What personal blogging blunders have you discovered?

What do you think is holding you back the most from achieving the level of success with your online business that you desire?

Watch the Blog Tips series today and leave me your thoughts and comments below…

Blogging Tips for MLM and Direct Selling Business Success

Blogging Tips for MLM and Direct Selling Business Success


Take Part in the New Marketing Renaissance

Guys there is a virtual Gold Rush and Marketing Renaissance taking place online right now online and in the world business market place and you need to get in on it now!

If you are not blogging for your business you are Blowing it Period!

And here’s the deal… It’s never been easier to get started and trained to take full advantage of the benefits and profits of Blogging than it is right now.

Watch this Video Now and learn the how to Begin Blogging Your Business Today and Massively Profiting

Urgent Blog Tips Update…


Tonight’s special broadcast is revealing more of the ‘process structure‘ to getting rich online, blogging.

It’s public right now but I’m not sure 4 how long.

Jump on this one and learn the secrets to how this team has created more than 70 million dollars from blogging in the last 20 months online.

If you ever wanted the secrets from the master… how to create a fortune online from blogging and take your business and life to the next level then don’t miss this.

there are millions to be made through blogging, if you do it right… The thing is, no matter what business you’re in, money is simply the byproduct of right-thinking combined with right-action.

After today, your “thinking” and, if you choose, your “action” will change completely. I promise you that.

Use this link now   for this special training.

You can also see the original post of this and gain access to more great Blog Tips and Blog Fortune Training at the Following Link:

Give Me more Blog Tip Training


Tell me about your blogging blunders, your tips, your hopes, dreams, and wishes for your blog. Connect and share you knowledge, your frustrations, and your needs. Let’s reach out and support one another in our efforts to create success in our online business.

I look forward to your input….

How I’ve Done $70 Million in Sales… Blogging

“How I’ve Done $70 Million in Sales… Blogging.”

success factors

Wow… if you’ve ever wanted to know what it takes to create a fortune and an empire online blogging, then you have to check out this link and watch what comes next.

This thought leader has the goods you’re looking for and is creating blog marketing history as we speak.

History is being made as we speak and you need to make a decision whether or not you want to be a part of it.

Follow this link now and see what I mean:

$ 70, 000,000 In Sales Blogging



The American Dream – Not all is Lost Yet

This was the title of a post on a friends blog today…

You can view the original post at: The American Dream – Not all is lost yet an I recommend that you check it out.

The post deals with what happeFlagEaglend to the American Dream, what that dream is, where things are today, and a little about where we are headed.

It’s a great post and really got me thinking again about just how many people are programmed by fear, controlled by fear, and how they let it dictate their lives and destiny.

Automatic conditioned nervous system responses have completely taken over and wiped out intelligent thoughts and actions when it comes to ourselves, our lives, and the dreams we carry deep inside us.

Many people are drowning in this trap, stuck fast in the mire of what they consider to be an acceptable model for life without really evaluating the facts, the direction they are headed, and what the eventual outcomes will surely be.


  • When was the last time you really evaluated the state and health of your dreams?
  • Are you moving any closer to them or further away?
  • Do you have a plan of action to achieve the life and the dreams you desire or are you programmed and serving others at the mercy of your own fears, lack of belief, and proper success conditioning?


It reminded me of a post and video I made a while back about “MLM and how it can Destroy Corporate Injustice in peoples lives.” I think it is worth dusting it off and re-visiting that post now because it relates to this subject so perfectly.

Here’s the link:

I’m also going to add the video from Ilka’s blog post   in case for some strange reason you choose not to visit her blog.

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If after watching this video you would like to learn how a once homeless Van Man changed the world with his vision of paying out nearly $100Million Dollars in 100% commissions and turned the internet marketing world upside down… Click Here Now!


If you are Ready NOW to Join Our Team…(and get all the Bonuses that could be Taken Away at ANY Time…)

Sign up Here …You’ll then be contacted either by myself or my assistant in the next 24hrs to schedule a New Member Business Plan call.

Here’s to Your Success and Abundance…

-Dave Schlueter

Thoughts for People up Early This AM…


If that is you and you find yourself displeased with your current situation, if you find yourself less than fulfilled, if you fall somewhere outside the passionately inspired zone in your life, then what are you prepared to do about it this year to get on Track?

Come and take a look at some FREE TRAINING Today… Get inspired, take action, and move your feet in the direction of the destiny you choose.

Check out the Patriot Entrepreneurs Section of this website and opt in for the…

How to Create the Lifestyle of Your Dreams in Six Simple Steps…

Training Series Today!!!

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Super Simple Way to Get More MLM Signups and Leads

I just thought some of you might enjoy this MLM tip from Ray Higdon on a super simple, brain dead easy way to break the ice with people, and start getting more leads, SIGN UPS and present your business to more people.

Ray is the #1 Income earner in a company that I am affiliated with and a leader in the industry as a whole.

So check out today’s short tip Video, let me know if you enjoyed it, and let me know if you would like to see more vids or articles of this type on this blog.


Have a Great Day…

-Dave Schlueter-

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To MILLIONAIRE…in No Time Flat!

…To MILLIONAIRE…in No Time Flat!…

Tonight… Wednesday Nov 7th at 9PM…on MLSP’s Weekly Webinar…Ray’s going to show YOU exactly what he did to get out of that terrible rut he was in!

Be on this webinar…

Ray Higdon is a great guy to learn from because he tells it like it is…plain and simple!

And he holds nothing back, because seeing and hearing about YOU succeeding is just what he’s after!

Here’s a bit of what you’ll learn from Ray…

** The EXACT daily routine that HE used to build his business – from home – all while he was in foreclosure…

** Secret mind-hack tricks he used to go from depression to super-achiever productive mode (even if you’re a born slacker!)…

** The easiest way to get tons more leads and traffic for your business…laid out for you…by one of the best EVER in this business…

** How Ray built a kingdom of devoted fans and followers while being a technophobe (you’ll be able to do the same thing!)

** And as always with Ray…TONS more IMMEDIATELY useful  secrets…

This goes down tonight night Wednesday Nov 7th at 9PM EST…

If you’re stuck but you KNOW that success is within your reach (because it definitely IS) then this webinar is for YOU!!

If you’re making an income now from your business, but you KNOW you could be making more (way more in most cases) then this is a webinar that you NEED to be on to catapult you to that next level…

If your bank account depresses you, and the bills coming in the mail scare the hell out of you…then you MUST be on this webinar!

Ray Higdon has been there and he’s willing to spill his guts so that YOU can turn things around just like he did!

Be on this webinar tonight at 9 p.m. EST! This could very well be the fundamental change that you need in your life!

So Easy an 8 Year Old Can Do it!!

You’ve probably heard it online a million times.

So easy an [insert age here] can do it.

But this time it’s the real deal. Mary and Dean Black have developed a system for recruiting…so easy…that their 8 year old DOES actually do it.

This of course gives you NO excuses any longer…

Because on Wednesday Oct 24th …on the MLSP Weekly Webinar… this happy MLM couple are going to show you exactly what it is that they do… that’s so effective and easy.

These two know their stuff. But the best part is that they LOVE to teach others what they know!

So what will they teach YOU on Wednesday Oct 24th about recruiting?

Well the simple version is that they’re going to show you how to be a recruiting MACHINE…

But more specifically

* The techniques, tactics, and importance of keeping recruiting excruciatingly simple (again, their 8-year-old IS doing this)

* How the way YOU think about prospecting dramatically affects your ability to get on the phone, and directly affects the outcome of your conversations (this will change your recruiting FOREVER!)

* The key to asking non-threatening questions (this will steer to the answers you’re looking for.)…

* Why the people you “just know will sign up” usually DON’T (and more importantly why the ones you never in a million years think will sign up DO)…

* Why your friends and family may not be the first people you want to talk to… and who to talk to first instead (Dean and Mary Black tell it like it is!)

* A simple script that can be adapted to ANY business or opportunity (this script will be the “game changer” in your business)…

* The secret pool of an ENDLESS SUPPLY of people to talk to – FAST. (Combine with the script, just watch your business and income SOAR!)

* And much, much (much) MORE!

This Webinar is happening on Wednesday Oct 24th!

Don’t Miss It!!

Free Wednsday Training

30 – 40 Leads Per DAY and 36 Sign-Ups from ONE Video?!

40+ leads PER DAY for $0.00.

If you’re interested in EXACTLY how to pull this off in YOUR business, then this Wednesday is YOUR NIGHT!

MLSP’s newest L4 leader takes center stage this Wednesday, August 1st at 9 PM EST to show you how he’s raking in 40+ leads PER DAY with ONE strategy!


His advertising costs: $0.00!

In fact, just one of his videos created over $5,000 for his business!

Click Here and REGISTER NOW because this one will SELL OUT:

== >

Wednesday August 1st at 9 PM EST

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