Something Big is Happening Tonight!

I have a sense for when something Big is about to break guys, and I’ve got that itch right now really strongly.

If you know the story and you’ve been following along then you know that something remarkable has happened online with a company called Empower Network.

I want to show you how to double your sales

breaking_news1In fact records have been broken and old set in stone ideas about Marketing, Business, and in particular MLM  (Network Marketing as it is sometimes called) have been challenged and destroyed by this Internet Movement” as they are beginning to call it.

If you are not yet aware of what I am talking about then you need to be. I’m not saying you need to get in…that’s up to you and not about what I think. But you do need to be aware of what this company is doing, how it is working, and why.

Because they are shattering records, growing like wildfire, and destroying preconceived notions about Internet Marketing and MLM! Anything that is creating waves of that magnitude had better be on your Radar Screen as a business person and as a Marketing.

I want to show you how to double your sales

Guru’s and Old School leaders are up in arms about it. Some in full support and others in full opposition.

But here’s what I see and I’ve been observing carefully from the distance for some time now…

I feel that most of the major growing pains, mistakes, poor execution, and fumbles, that new start-ups go through have been ironed out and this thing is ready to really gain some speed and momentum…

I want to show you how to double your sales

As if they haven’t already shattered internet land speed records

If you know the story already then you know what I mean. You’ve seen the growth, the change, you’ve seen them break some things in the process, you’ve seen and heard about some personal challenges, and you’ve seen them overcome and continue to grow.

And if you’ve been following along then you’ve seen them take some major steps in the right direction for a bright and abundant future.

The Master Mind Alliance

These guys and this growing team and movement are on the cutting edge, and the Mastermind Alliance they have assembled to lead, pilot and guide this movement is more than impressive when you examine the hearts and the minds of the players involved.

In fact I have never seen anyone in the industry be so real, so honest, and transparent publicly about themselves personally, the industry as a whole, and the company specifically. If you haven’t seen this yet watch it now: Probably the Most Inspiring Hangout Ever.

When you are privy to this kind of information and training from this team and then you receive an email like i did today from the Dave’s you no something is about ready to Bust Out – Break Loose – And Rocket forward…

Check out this email and get on the Hangout tonight.

There will probably be a replay up for a little while if you miss it but get on it now!


9pm EST – the ‘Highest Paid’ Money Getting Skill. Period.Sent Thursday, January 9, 2014
So it’s been a bit of a strange year for me.
Creating success at a different level,
than 10 years ago— I even thought possible.
The other day, I sent an email to our operations
team, and asked them a question:
“How Much Stuff Did We Sell In 2013?”
An email back.
Estimated Total:  $63,317,821.93
* Still not sure how much stuff we sold
in December.  Have to wait a couple weeks
until the accounts settle.  Also, please see
the income disclosure in the P.P.S line.
How does an ex-homeless and NOW ‘Rich
Hippie’ and an ex-drug addict NOW famous
Badass Avenger‘ start a company over a
kitchen table in Costa Rica that…
…it’s 2nd full year in business does $63
million, without…
…home meetings
…3 way calls
…or even a ‘Funded Proposal’?
Not the subject of this email.
Because if you can double your sales.
Or more.
And learn the highest paid skill that exists in the world
And you can be a PART of this year…
…where I plan on taking this little ‘coffee table internet deal’
to $150 million in sales
…and you can be a PART of an ‘internet revolution’ that
punches the guru in the face
…and you can be a PART of speaking a BIGGER DREAM
I can help you succeed more, faster than you can
possibly do on your own.
(this is exciting)
Because THIS:
Is just the START of what’s coming.
Inside your bank account.
I’ll look forward to seeing you on the page, intently focused
on watching, and paying attention…
…as we open up the ‘flood gates’.
-David Wood
“The Guru Slayer”
You’re not going to make any money at all.
Especially lots.
Unless you work your ass off.
Sell lots of stuff.
Keep selling lots of stuff.
And keep doing it.
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