So is Article Marketing Dead then… Matt Cutts

So is Article Marketing Dead then according to Matt Cutts?

That’s the question you may be asking yourself after seeing Matt Cutt’s Video on YouTube, or after reading the following article on Search Engine : Matt Cutts: Using Article Directories for Links? Just No


But here’s the deal guys….

Before everyone gets there panties all in a bunch and sound the SEO Air Raid Siren, let’s take a closer look at what is really being said here.

Matt Cutts isn’t saying Article Marketing is Dead! He is saying Spamming article directories with duplicate crappy content is dead.

So don’t go off half-cocked guys. If you are doing Article Marketing the right way… then this post and video from Matt isn’t about you.


Don’t panic…

If you are doing Article Marketing properly for SEO and  to grow your Traffic and Your List, everything is fine. The sky is not falling.the SEO sky-is-falling

I Repeat… The Article Marketing Sky is Not Falling!

With everything shifting in Google land – the Panda’s, The Hummingbirds, and the establishment of a new Google algorithm, online marketers are in a bit of a panic.

Might I add it is sound reasoning and a sign that your bread and butter should not come from one source of traffic alone.


If you are doing marketing correctly and using a sound Article Marketing Strategy (like the one in the Free 8 Day Boot Camp Training) for your results your methods are sound and are not what Matt’s Video or the Search Engine Watch article are referring to.

So don’t panic… Keep your wits about you… all is Okay in your Article Marketing Kingdom.


Unless You are Guilty…

If however, you have been spamming Article Directories or if you don’t know what a Sound Article Marketing Strategy looks like then it is time for you to wise up!

It’s time for you to get educated and informed with training, information, and Marketing Strategies that work.

If you don’t… Like the article and Matt Cutts alludes to you are in definite danger of being penalized by Google and have your Search Rankings plummet along with your online traffic.

So get wise…stop spamming duplicate crap content on article directories and calling it an SEO Strategy.

It’s not a SEO Strategy!

It’s more of a SEO Recipe.

A Recipe for Failure!

Get Tapped In!

If you want to tap into some information, tools and strategies for success online with your business, then opt in and get the Free 8 Day Boot Camp Training. It will give you a firm foundation and then we will build upon it from there and go as high as you want to go.

If you want a solid SEO Training for Traffic and Article Marketing Success then check out this link and opt into the Boot Camp Using the Form Above…

Article Marketing Strategies done right… done the way I’m about to show you is an extremely powerful tool for your online success.

Leave me your comments and thoughts about Article Marketing and what Matt Cutts has to say below and be sure to share this post with others who are going to freak out and let your followers know that THE SKY IS NOT FALLING!

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