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By 2002 I was pretty burned out in my life. I’d been working hard in construction and landscaping, and playing even harder on skateboards and motorcycles for nearly 20 years. My body was breaking down from the wear and tear, my pocketbook was empty, and I was a single father with more debt than I figured I’d ever be free of. I silently resigned myself to the idea that I’d be poor for the rest of my days, destined to never retire, and probably die young from the complications of poverty and a lack of adequate medical care. I was jaded to say the least.

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I’d worked very hard and had done my best, but it still wasn’t good enough to produce the kind of life I’d known and dreamed of growing up. I felt like a failure. I slowly and silently, one by one, began to trade my hopes, dreams, and goals in for a life of mediocrity and despair. It was a slow kind of daily death.

I’d had such high hopes, such an unbridled entrepreneurial spirit at one time. I had enjoyed such desire and passion for life, but it was slipping away as I began to feel more and more cornered by my circumstances.

Then one day I received a really good book from my Mother in the mail that opened a crack in the steel curtain that had settled between where I was, and the land of my dreams. As light began filtering in through the crack, I grabbed onto the resources and ideas the author was sharing. I soon found myself wandering in the isles of bookstores, buying tape after tape, books, video courses, etc. I also began attending some truly remarkable seminars during this time. It all fostered remarkable growth and development within myself. I was truly ready for the message, and the training I was receiving.

A whole new world began to open to me as I fed my mind a new kind of mental diet. It was upon this new path I walked, that I came to understand and learn the principles of success, the power of mastermind groups, mentors, the necessity of tools and systems to leverage my efforts, and the absolute necessity to empty out the rocks in my head, and start replacing them with gemstones of wisdom, mental files of success, and pillars of sound reasoning.

Oh sure…. I was a smart guy alright (or so I thought.) I had some great ideas, a good heart, and some wisdom in there rattling around with the rest of the gravel and B.S. in my head. My problem was for every nugget of truth I found, there were six or eight rocks that seemed to clutter up the whole thinking process. I was unable to separate the two. I was inadequately prepared for success.

I found that my cherished way of thinking and the ideas that I cultivated didn’t work well. I needed to let it all go. I had to put my ideas and feelings aside. I had to become teachable and trainable again. I had to quit arguing my defense and cause. It was a humbling process. I had to become willing to trust, take action, and follow the advice of my mentors- those who were living the life I wanted, reaping the success I desired, and manifesting the results I couldn’t seem to in my own life. They were the masters and I was the student. It finally made sense, but I had to get that relationship right first.

As a result I just became a sponge. I started sucking it all in. I learned abut the 4 great money mountains, and systems and strategies to summit them. I learned about self-imposed limitations, mental conditioning, reprogramming myself for success, clearing myself of my past baggage, and of course I heard about the merits of Network Marketing.

I learned so much great stuff, and I was just so excited about it all that I couldn’t
help from just bubbling over with enthusiasm. I was like a success geyser, just flowing with all these new ideas, new energy, and vision. I was on fire!

Soon I was meeting with friends regularly to share my excitement and enthusiasm about what was happening in my life. We talked for hours about ideas, challenges, life, and success principles. I was a sponsor of sorts. We were designing ideas and new ways to share what we had learned, and it began to take on a life all it‘s own.

This eventually culminated in the writing of my first e-book “ The Make it Real System” which was essentially a synopsis of all the really great stuff I had learned. I also naturally stumbled into my first network marketing company. I attracted it. I was a magnet for opportunity… Like I said I was on fire!

Great opportunities were showing up in my life on a regular basis. I had built the body of my dreams, attracted the woman of my dreams, had my first internet business online, my social life was awesome and exploding, I was also building my first network marketing organization. I was on top of the world, unstoppable … Or so I thought.

The problem was I was in an old school style MLM marketing system. You know… “get your friends, family, people at the mall, in elevators, and anyone within 3 feet of you to come to a meeting and share the plan man.” It was working okay I guess… One friend disrupted our entire meeting at a local prominent hotel, and left pissed off at me and about the whole affair. Others never went to the opportunity meetings because they met me with hostility before I’d even gotten through the whole invite script. None of my relatives responded at all, even after pouring my heart out to them. It was embarrassing and unnerving to say the least. Does that mean I had no success? No… Of course not.

When I could fill a room, I could close a large percentage of the people, and the fast start money from those meetings was good. That part of the system worked, and I could work it well. The problem was it was so time consuming and slow. It worked but… I wanted to create a large organization. I wanted massive success. I needed leverage.

Duplication in my team was also a problem. They relied upon my power, energy, and enthusiasm to get the job done for them. Apparently they didn’t like the recruiting system either, and not many wanted to stand before two people, let alone a room of people and present the plan. Most people I have found are not natural born promoters. There had to be a better way.

I needed a better way to contact and connect with more people, make sure they were better prospects, capture and qualify more targeted leads, share the plan more efficiently, close more people, provide better training and resources that would work, create automatic duplication in my team, insulate my team from the effects of recurrent rejection, and be able to put most or all of these processes on auto-pilot. If I was going to be an Mlm Rockstar that’s what it was going to take and I knew it.

It was a tall list indeed, but I knew it could be done. I knew from my research, studies, and training that the internet was the way to do it. I shared these ideas with my upline but it fell upon deaf ears. “Just keep working the plan Dave, nothing else works, they’ve already tried it, you’ve just got to believe and stick with the company’s system” It seemed that’s all I’d ever hear. The problem was I didn’t want to wait 5 years for my success to materialize. I wanted my marketing to move with the speed of light.

Well… I don’t know if I was a maverick, or just a rebel with a vision but I just couldn’t pass opportunity by. I knew the internet was going to become the wave of the future for network marketing. I understood the power of exponential leverage, of massive targeted exposure, automated duplication, tech tools, and well designed marketing systems, so I got busy. My head was just exploding with ideas and the potential of it all. So I set out to crack the code on internet mlm marketing and to be the next great marketing Phenom.

I bought expensive cutting edge tools, software, more books, video’s, and training. I attempted to integrate them with guerilla marketing gusto and all the brilliance of a great military strategist. It was chaotic (the internet has come so far since then.)

My initial efforts got my accounts shut down for spamming. My archaic auto-responder went crazy bombing peoples inboxes with thousands of duplicate messages. The technical manuals were giving me headaches. My initial pay per click adds drew remarkable responses, but few sales conversions, or captured leads. My sales funnel was a sales flop. But never the less, I was still excited to be in uncharted territory, playing chess with the market, and learning the subtle intricacies of cracking the code in the new and chaotic world of Online Network Marketing.

Being a Pioneer though seemingly romantic, can also be a punishing experience. I spent ridiculously long hours, nights and days, staring through bloodshot, blurred eyes pursuing my destiny. I knew I was on target. I knew my vision was sound and my principles true. It would only be a matter of time before great success and a new age of network marketing destiny would begin, and I would be at it’s leading edge. It was a grand time.

My marketing was beginning to convert now, things were just starting to click, and it would only be a matter of time before all these tools, knowledge, techniques, and systems would integrate and work together as one smooth, well oiled marketing machine. I was on target. Soon my upline would truly see the great genius of their newest Diamond leader. Or so I thought…

Little did I know that disaster was about to strike and an avalanche of misfortune and pain would shortly clear the landscape of my entrepreneurial dreams with hurricane force winds and typhoon type waves.

Being an equal opportunity capitalist, and an advocate of multiple streams of income, I found myself lured away from my “MLM Empire” by a too good to pass up Real-Estate venture. It was a “sure thing.” It would take all my effort, resources, and time, but it would soon provide me with ample capital resources with which to complete my Mlm vision, catapulting me forward to bigger and better things. I’d only walk away for a short spell then come back even stronger. Or at least that’s how I’d planned it.

In reality my “sure thing” deal, and a series of misfortunate events derailed everything I’d been working for. Without going into detail, it just broke me physically, financially, mentally and emotionally. If that’s ever happened to you, or if you’re going through it right now, please just hang in there. You may not believe me at the moment but things will get better. But at the time I just thought it was over. How could I climb so high and be so perfect only to fall so low again? How cruel! How unfair! I was jaded again. I was wounded and I couldn’t even think of success, or business, or success principles, or Network Marketing. I was shell shocked. I just holed up and licked my wounds.

Now why do I tell you this? I tell you this so you know I’m just a regular person like you. I’ve had my ups and downs, victories and defeats. I have fears, pain, unfairness, and mental blocks in my life just like you do. I don’t get to be special or above the trials everyone goes through on their road to success.

So I went back to school and studied accounting. I was selling out. I was going to trade my freedom for dollars… Or so I thought until I realized an accountants life just wasn’t for me. I just couldn’t force myself into a mold I wasn’t made for. I didn’t know what I was going to do, and the future was beginning to look as uncertain as it was bleak. I knew I needed to get back on track, be true to my heart, true to my mind, and true to who I am.

Then one day my girl-friend suggested I meet someone (I hoped it wasn’t a therapist.) She said this person reminded her a lot of me (I was relieved). She said we had many things in common and that we talked about a lot of the same things. So we set up a meeting and got together to chat. This person shared a business plan on a napkin right there in Starbucks with us, and I immediately recognized he was a network marketer. I was reluctant and reserved at first. But I enjoyed his brightness, his enthusiasm for life, for his business, and his hope for the future. He had what was missing in my life.

We met again several times before I was successfully lured to one of those large hotel meetings with the keynote speaker. The environment at that meeting, the energy, the speaker, and the message fanned the spark that was still inside of me and got it glowing again. But I didn’t want to go through what I’d suffered before. I wasn’t going to just jump. I knew exactly what I wanted if I was going to get involved in the industry again. I’d do my homework, and I’d do it thoroughly.

I wanted the right opportunity, the right system, the right tools, and the right open-minded successful partners and mentors. Those were my demands. It was what I would need before I’d even consider getting back into teaching, training, mentoring, and building a Network Marketing Business again. I wanted systems that integrate seamlessly, and easily, and I wanted training that would work for anybody. I wanted the total package.

I knew what the internet was capable of years ago, and I wanted to know if there were “New School” entrepreneurial visionaries like myself with the heart, mind, and drive to create and put into play the kind of systems, ethics and training I had worked so hard for. I wanted to find a leadership team with vision, a system that was integrated with the best technology, training, and support, and the right company to get behind to materialize it all. It had to have synergy. It was a tall list indeed, but I wouldn’t budge without it.

It took me months of long hours and research to find the right combination that got me fired up and certain. Our mutual friend had now lost interest in me, but what I had found put that desire and belief back into me, and re-kindled that missing purpose in my life. I knew that if I was going to teach, support, and share with others a path to prosperity and abundance, and help them be the best they can be, enjoying the lives they’ve dreamed of, I needed to find the right system.

I’m here to say that I’ve done just that, and I am ready to show you the exact secret formulas I’ve discovered. If you are serious about building a future in Mlm with the best opportunity, tools, training, and systems out there today, then you’ve got to take a look at what I’m talking about. If you are looking for leadership and a powerhouse team to get involved with, we just might be the team you are looking for. Or if you’re already in the industry and looking to seriously leverage your success, you’ve just come to the right place. The training you’ll receive by itself is worth thousands, and it will absolutely turbo-charge your results.

If you are looking to start your Mlm Marketing Career of on the right foot, or if you’ve been in the game for a while and haven’t been able to produce the results you desire, or even if you are a seasoned vet looking to broaden your horizons, sign up for my free training and newsletter today, and let me hook you up. Let me share the vision with you that has set my life on fire again with power, passion, and purpose. Let me share with you the systems, strategies, and training that’s setting today’s Network Marketing Industry a blaze!

3 thoughts on “About Dave Schlueter”

  1. Hey Daniel, don’t be sorry. You have concerns and I hear you and feel you. It sounds like maybe you’ve been burned before and that leaves a sour taste that is hard to get past. Too many scammers out there will take your last dollar and leave you dry.
    Here’s the deal. I want you to opt in and get the training so that can earn that type of income. I want you to be successful. Did you opt in? It’s free…Did you dig further, or are you having contempt prior to investigation? This website is a massive resource for you if you just dig a little further and take some action.
    Those stories in the video are about real people, that is real income, and that is what happened to them. Is it what’s going to happen to you? I don’t know. You could get exactly the same tools and training and fail. You could get exactly the same tools and training and surpass them. It really depends on what you are going to do with them and where your success thermostat is set at the moment. I plain and simply offer the tools, training, support, and systems they have used to build their fortunes. I rely heavily on modeling other people’s success as the quickest way to victory. I believe in creating success T.E.A. M.S. because together everyone achieves more.
    My website has ads that lead to industry standard tools and training necessary for your success. Dig deeper and you’ll see what I mean. If you find a way to succeed as fast and powerfully without these assets then we all want that information and we will pay you handsomely for it. You plain and simply need systems tools and training to succeed and I am pointing you in the right direction to get them because I want you to succeed.
    If I needed a $1000.00 website to create success then so would you, and then so would everyone else just to get started. It would be a pretty steep deterrent to getting in the business wouldn’t it. It would be out of reach for most people. The truth is I have seen very ugly sites grow to incredible success in the industry, and I wouldn’t want anyone to not get involved building a better future because of start-up intimidation. It’s content that is King in this industry.
    I agree let’s teach the cold hard facts (have you checked out my MLM Darkside article?). The cold hard facts are that this is a business and 95% of businesses fail, online, offline, brick and mortar, information, real goods, manufacturing, etc. If you want to succeed you have to go the extra mile, get the tools and training you need, pick a leader, an opportunity, and a mentor that is right for you and learn the principles necessary for your success. You must learn the skills of an entrepreneur and drop employee mentality to be successful as a business owner.
    The cold hard facts are that this industry creates more new millionaires than any other industry, and they are happening faster and more regularly than ever, especially with the advent of technology and the internet. This industry is an incredibly powerful success vehicle for those who successfully make the entrepreneurial shift and get the necessary tools, training, and skills.
    The cold hard facts are that startup costs for this business opportunity are ridiculously low comparatively and it is an industry you can grow in over time on your own schedule and as you are able to. You don’t have to go all in at once, quit your job, and mortgage the farm to get started.
    For most people the road to success financial independence and freedom in this industry is a 2 to 5 year plan. Most people don’t have the drive, the commitment, the time, or the training to catapult themselves to rapid stellar success in just a few short months, but it is awesome when it happens. Cold hard facts… outside this industry for most people financial independence and freedom never happens period.
    Daniel…Why would I erase your comment? If we can’t be honest and real with one another what’s the point right? And I’m right on top of it. Your email is on the way.
    Opt in, get some training, dig deeper before you judge, leave me a number and let’s talk. I’m all about empowering people and helping them become successful, independent, and free. Let’s strengthen each other. No offence is taken my friend so don’t apologize for speaking your mind. Give me a call 707-245-0693 let’s create success together.

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