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Lately for me it has been hard to keep generating content that is valuable, on a daily basis, and to keep bringing you valuable information, techniques, and training that I think you will benefit the most from, and desire even more.


It isn’t because there is a lack of information, or valuable things rattling around in my head to share with you, but more often the case, it is because I’m into sooooo much good stuff, and I’m so busy implementing, testing, and validating the stuff that I bring to you, that I don’t find the time every evening to pause and get the daily writing done.


As a matter of fact right now… I am totally stoked to be on the first page of Google on several keywords I have been employing a new SEO strategy testing. I can’t wait to share it.


In fact I am number 2 on a rather impressive keyword I thought would have been much harder to rank for than it has been. It’s exciting…


So what happens for me is it goes like this… I get lost in it all having fun, learning, testing, etc. and then I forget about something I started a few weeks ago that I still haven’t finished up and followed through with like I said I would.

The hours as a result end up flying by and then it’s evening time again. Geez…


So for me I’m going “oh crap” I still have to finish that project and put that training up, and start taking advantage of that benefit, all while I’m putting this new SEO strategy to work, and of course I’m wanting to create a training on that for my inner circle, and then It’s getting late and I still haven’t provided any valuable content for the day on this blog, etc., etc., plus I haven’t even finished organizing and interlinking things on my blog, and doing all the updating I started weeks ago the way I want to… Oh man…


I’m not complaining… no, not at all. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just hard having so much excitement and passion for things, and yet knowing that one lifetime will never be enough to experience it all, share it all, and be able to do for others everything I want to (deep sigh).


I think that’s why I have so much trouble understanding people who don’t seem to be passionate about anything in life???

In fact I just want to shake them up, scream at them, and get them to wake up! I want to tell them there is a voice inside of them that they are not listening to. I want to turn off the crap in their head for five minutes and allow them to tune into themselves for a minute!


That’s why I created “The Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why Program.” I couldn’t bear the thought of people living their lives in a shallow grave with the ends kicked out (a rut), and not based on their passions, their most important truths, and their values.


I was mortified at the thought of people going to their graves never really embracing the parts of themselves that are most important, and learning to live from self in a fashion that truly supports and cultivates the deepest aspects of themselves…their passions, talents, values, and deepest desires.


I’d count that to be a tragedy if… I knew this was the case and sat back and did absolutely nothing about it. So I didn’t. Instead I took action.


I also realized that if people didn’t tap into these hidden resources of themselves they would never be able to realize great and abundant success in life. They simply wouldn’t be able to tap into the sufficient power in their lives to make much of a difference.


I also realized that too many other people would arrive at a destination they thought was called success only to find it empty and void of the rewards and treasures they needed most within themselves to be fulfilled.


So what I’m saying here is I got off my butt and did something proactive about this situation and designed the absolute best product to change that simple fact. I call it:

LINK:“The Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why”

Click this link now and go find out exactly what I mean and then I’ll see you again tomorrow with some more awesome content and training. Maybe we’ll even get to that free Facebook Training I originally had in mind…

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